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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday Update

This will be the last "Sunday Update" for a week or two. There's a good reason for that - I'll be posting progress updates every day or two on painting the Swiss pikemen. As that is the only work I'll be doing after tomorrow, there won't be any reason for me to do a "Sunday Update" until after they are completed.

So, on with the updates.

Swiss Pikemen

No progress as the gesso is still curing. I'll be starting work on these tomorrow. That's going to be a big, boring job - doing black undercoat on armour, yellow ochre undercoat on clothing, dry-brushing the armour with Oily Steel. Depending on how long that takes me, I might also get round to doing the pike shafts and flesh.

For the unarmoured pikemen, I'm thinking of doing a mix of how much clothing is in Canton colours - some will be tunics and leggings, some just tunics, some just leggings.

Swiss Artillery

I've finished painting these and will be doing the Klear/ink coat after posting. In the morning* (I've taken this week off work!) I'll do the basing on these before I begin work on the pikemen. I might even be able to get the matt varnish spray and flocking/tufting done to give me a break from doing undercoats on 256 pikemen!

* when on leave, my definition of morning is occasionally known to stretch to 2pm

Donogh's Prize Painting

The figures have been prepped, washed and stuck onto slotta bases for painting. I've also attached arms etc where the figure needed that doing. There was one figure where I had to go back and clean off the epoxy glue as it wasn't working for holding the separate hand onto the arm. This meant I had to do some pinning - a first for me.

This evening I primed them with white Vallejo urethane primer. When that was dry, I did some pre-shading with diluted inks. The detail on the sculpts is fantastic, but somewhat "soft" on some of them - I'll have to find some way to get definition where that is the case.