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Monday, 4 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 1

Well, I've had a pretty productive day all told.

Swiss Artillery

I was going to wait until this morning to do the basing, but an episode of Hornblower came on the TV, so I did the basing while watching that. This morning I dry-brushed the gunk, sprayed them with matt varnish then did the tufting and flocking. Curt has been sent the photos, so they should be up on his blog soon. That should wind up Ray a bit! *evil grin*

Swiss Pikemen

Pics of current state:

Today I have managed to do the following:

Yellow Ochre base coat on clothing that will be in cantonal colours (I do this as it provides a great base for the white, yellow and red)
Black base coat on armour and helmets
Dry-brushed armour and helmets with Oily Steel
Gambesons on 32 figures painted with either Iraqi Sand, Tan Yellow or Tan Earth

The next job, which I will do tonight, is to paint the pike shafts. I'll be using a mix of 4 colours for these - Cork Brown, Light Brown, Burnt Umber and Mahogany Brown.

Tomorrow I'll be doing the flesh and hair where it is visible. Once that is done, I'll make a start on doing the cantonal colours.

These are painting up amazingly quickly. I'm actually considering painting up some other small batches of figures to give myself a break from the pikemen (not to mention that they will help me maintain my lead over Ray!).


  1. An impressive array Tamsin and with a week booked off work, Ray could have his work cut out just keeping up!

  2. Winding up Ray is an art form girl, nice one!

  3. those pikes look like a H&S violation carful or Ray might send the boys round to shut your opperation down.
    Looking good
    Peace James

  4. Looks like you are going for it, nice to see such production. I think I will get cracking right now (can't sleep you see LOL)


  5. You are smashing the little weasel. Keep painting as we all know he's sandbagging.

  6. @ Michael - if you think it's impressive now, just wait until it's all painted up :)

    @ Fran - oooh, does that mean I've succeeded in winding him up? *evil grin*

    @ James - at the moment they're not an H&S violation, but they will be when they're finished and in use for gaming!

    @ Ray - *evil grin*

    @ Ian - it looks as though I'll easily finish the painting in time, it's the basing that has me worried *eek*

    @ Anne - he must be sandbagging, but I hope that with the points these will score me that I'll manage to stay ahead of him :)

  7. Hi Tasmsin,

    those pikemen look very promising. Good luck with them, Ray has bundle up!


  8. Nice work Tamsin, how do you do it? I'm lucky to potter around with a figure here or there.

  9. Hi Tamsin. I saw you over at Ian's page and liked your name, so I popped over to see what you've got here.

    Nice work, indeed. Now you're the second chick I know that paints minis. Anne, being the first.

    Cheers to you. Love your name. And boogie boogie.

  10. @ Stefan - cheers! They are coming along nicely

    @ Sean - I do it through sheer lunacy ;)

    @ Happy Whisk - welcome in! and boogie boogie! :)

  11. All Right!! Who has replaced Painting Girl with this painting android? Was she whisked off the foggy streets of London by some cabal of evil aliens?
    Actually the Swiss project is awesome and we all wish you well with this...even if you are an android life form!
    Curmudgeonly yours,

  12. Looking good. That's A LOT of pikemen.

  13. @ CelticCurmudgeon - *lol* I do feel a bit like a robot doing all these at once.

    @ Adam - nah, it's only 8 units worth ;)