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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Challenge Entry #14

Swiss Skirmishers Update

Getting soaked to the skin twice yesterday combined with the mild cold I had and made it really bad, so I've been off work sick today. This meant that I managed to finish off the skirmishers a little earlier than expected and the photos have been sent off to Curt.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to paint up and base enough figures to take me past the magic 2000 points marker, but my final score will still be very impressive.

Challenge Entry #14 - 256 Swiss Pikemen

These were posted on Curt's blog a couple of days ago, so it's time to post them here. Enjoy!

16 ranks by 16 files:

8 ranks by 32 files:

And some 4 ranks by 16 files:


  1. No pet cats leaping onto that phalanx? Mighty impressive work there Tamsin!

  2. Great looking figures Tamsin, I sent off some pikemen to Curt earlier today, and I'm trying to finish a few thing tonight to send off later.

  3. Very impressive Tamsin, a seriously magnificent sight!

  4. What an impressive sight indeed. A forest of pikes. Of course it is at a 1:1 scale, and you have ten times more to come.

    Best Nico

  5. A hugely impressive sight Tamsin.

  6. Still think they are the dogs danglies

    Hope you feel better soon

    I'm off to watch a film with Cath now, she has been great this last few days


  7. I saw these on Curts site. They are epic Tamisin!

  8. Thanks folks!

    @ Ski - no cats, but if I did have any I'm sure you'd have heard the yowls by now! :)

    @ Ray - I saw your copy-catting. Really! Painting up 256 pikemen, knowing that I was too! *harrumph*

    @ Fran - much more impressive than Ray's! :)

    @ Nico - noooooooooo! I don't want to see any more pikemen, ever! Well, at least until I do the command stands for my Swiss army.

    @ Andrew - my hands can attest to the spikage ;)

    @ Michael - what is most impressive is that I actually finished them in time!

    @ Ian - I'm hoping I'll be OK tomorrow

    @ Urban Bunny - there's more Swiss to come

    @ Anne - *huge smile*

  9. Fantastic looking pikes, great work!

  10. Great looking pikes Fantastic Work !

  11. Bloody hell! that Looks good!!!!

  12. Very, very nice.

    Just wait for a bit, and then we'll have a game.

  13. Great blog you have here!

    Lovin all those pikes - they look great all ranked up together like that.