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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Painting Swiss Pikemen Day 6; Challenge Entry #13

Swiss Pikemen  

Rank 1 - sprayed with matt varnish; gravelled, tufted and flocked.
Phew! That's a quarter of them finished!

Rank 2 - have now been based. Should get matt spray, gravel, tufts and flock tomorrow.

Rank 3 - painting finished; received Klear/ink coat. Should get based tomorrow.

Rank 4 - will start painting these tomorrow* and might manage to get them to the Klear/ink stage, but probably not.

These are coming along even quicker than I'd expected.

* The next step is to do the canton colours which would take me past midnight. Instead I'm going to settle down to watch "Foyle's War" and read the last ever issue of Battlegames as a stand-alone magazine.

Challenge Entry #13: Swiss Artillery

My 13th entry for the Challenge was 4 bases of Swiss artillery. The figures, guns and "bits" are all 15mm from Donnington.

I knocked these out last weekend while I was waiting for the gesso to cure on the pikemen. I'll only be able to use 2 bases at a time when playing FoG as that's all the army list permits. However, having 4 bases done means that I can "mix and match" when I do so.

OK, here are the pics:

These netted me 48 points, which helped to turn up the pressure on Ray.


  1. I think the pike men will be what REALLY puts the pressure on, and not just Ray LOL


  2. Beautiful stands there Tamsin. Really like your work!

  3. Uh oh, will you be beating Fran now?

  4. Poor Ray. He gets picked on all the time.

  5. @ Ian - well, I think I've got Ray beat and you're next up on the ladder....

    @ Anne - these will put me slightly ahead of Fran, but I'm sure he's got more figures on the bench at the moment, so he's probably safe unless I manage to paint up the Swiss handgunners, crossbowmen and commanders in the few days remaining after the pikemen are done.

    @ Fran - see above comment to Anne.

    @ Happy Whisk - we only pick on him because we like him ;)

  6. @ Rodger - I thought I'd missed someone! Thanks for liking them! :)

  7. Great work Tamsin, keep the pressure on Ray and Fran

  8. I love your artillery and I especially love the organ guns with their colored shields. They'll be deadly and beautiful on the battlefield!

    You have a constitution of steel to keep at it like you do. Good luck on your final laps to the finish line!

  9. Fantastic work on those stands of artillery, I really like them!

  10. Nice work. They look ready to wreck things.