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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Swiss Skirmishers Update

Just a quick update on the Swiss handgunners and crossbowmen. I finished painting them last night and gave them their Klear/ink coat. This evening, after popping along to the club for a chat and to hand over some Viking sprues to someone there, I did the basing. Tomorrow evening when I get home from work will be a frantic session to get the gunk dry-brushed, spray them with matt varnish, add tufts and flock them in time to photograph them and send them in as my 15th and final entry in the Challenge.

From the sounds of Ian's birthday post he's going to be submitting something else so will knock me down a place on the table.

And then there are the great bromantics - Fran and Ray - to take into account. Fran hasn't submitted anything for a couple of weeks now, so he's clearly been working on another big batch of figures. Ray has submitted a number of smaller entries over the last couple of weeks, but we all suspect he's going to clobber us all with a repeat of last year's sandbagging.

This all means that the best I can hope for is to finish in 6th place, although Ray could drop me to 7th if he is sandbagging.

Anyway, here's a WIP pic of the skirmishers:


  1. If you call what Ray does is cheating...you'd be right!

  2. good luck, called it time on my painting tonight, just going to varnish and photograph tomorrow and send off to Curt

  3. Good luck! Your Swiss pikemen looked completely brilliant. Worth an extra 20 points just for sheer group impact.

  4. Sandbagging? Me? Never!.................well maybe?

  5. I'm completely blown away by, and not a little jealous of, the volume and quality of your painting. Great work, and may you yet beat the evil twins in the challenge!

    Being a not entirely native English speaker (I'm from the land of beer and chocolate) your entry begs the question though ... bromantic? :)

  6. Great work Tamsin, what ever position you finish in will have been worth the effort you have produced some amazing figures during the challenge

  7. I have to admit that I have another six regiments that are very close to completion just needing the basing but I do want to try and get just one more done as well if I can.

    You have done wonders and no entry can beat your Pike Block for sheer excellence and presence


  8. @ Fran - yep, you're right. You must be given Papal infallibility! :)

    @ James B - more lovely figures from you? Looking forward to those :)

    @ Dux cheers! Now, if I'd done the flags for them, I might have got those extra points....

    @ Ray - yes, you would sandbag us! :)

    @ Bart - Thanks - my output has blown me away too. I didn't imagine I'd get anywhere near this level when the Challenge started.
    A "bromance" is a very close relationship between two males who clearly love each other to bits ;)

    @ Andrew - thank you so much! Given my initial target (which I thought at the time would be a bit of a stretch), I'll be happy wherever I finish on the table.

    @ Ian - 100 or so points extra? I really hope you make it in time and crash through the 2000 points barrier :)
    I think in terms of impact, MikeW's huge entry of 28mm Parthians beats my 15mm pike block.

  9. Hmmmm. Though impressive, will your skirmishers be enough to beat Fran's new entry ?