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Saturday, 6 December 2014

More Merchant Ships And Some Shinies

I actually finished painting these merchant ships a few days ago, but have only just got round to doing the photos of them. I'll blame last minute preparations for the Challenge for not doing them sooner.

Princess Class Passenger Starliner

Errmm, yes. The right hand thruster is a bit skewed

Olympus Class Short Haul Passenger Transport

Starchaser Class Longhaul Freighter

Merino Class Livestock Transporter

On it's way to planet Clintus IV Major, carrying a cargo of camels...


On my way back from the shops, I went to the local Royal Mail sorting office to pick up 2 parcels which they'd left a card yesterday saying they'd tried to deliver. I knew they would be my GZG order. When I got home, there was a padded envelope from Timecast - the Old Glory 15s Korenas that had been on back order.


1 pack each of Ming light cavalry and Levy archers.


Lots of lovely shiny goodness in bags (plus a discount voucher for the New Year and a Salute flyer)

The freebie bag contents - a Fort Grange class Q-Ship Tender for the NAC; an Aleksandr Tortsev class Orbital Assault Transport (LSO) for the ESU; an Ariadni class Q-Ship Tender for the FSE; a pack of NSL troopers with anti-armour weapons; and a pack of NSL power armour troopers.

15mm NSL - a bunch of riflemen, SAWs and support weapons; a pack of power armour troopers with support weapons and a couple of sprues of spare arms for the PA troops (I'd managed to lose one arm when prepping a bunch the other week and Mr Tuffley kindly agreed to send me a sprue).

Now, I had worked out the TOE for my NSL, but now I've got the extra freebie packs I'll have to revise it. Not that that's a problem of course.

Light and Heavy Carriers for FSE, ESU and NAC.

Some more civvy ships in the top row - a Pinder class tanker; a Stobart class Can-Hauler; and a Crenshaw class Penal Colony Transport.

In the bottom row are some extra ESU ships - a pair of Ural class destroyers; a Nanjing class escort carrier; and a pair of Kunlun class heavy destroyers.

My word, what a lot of shiny goodness to receive on one day!

I suppose that I'd better crack on with the Russian cavalry now before the shininess overcomes me.


  1. Tamsin, maybe not a good idea to show your voucher code?

    1. Well spotted - I'd missed that. New pic with the code smudged out in place now.

  2. Oodles of new shiny minis, Tamsin. Can't wait til you've painted them. Are they all for the Challenge?

  3. Like the space stuff, Star Fleet Battles,hmm a place where I have yet to visit! Set course for there in 2015 and I might have something by 2016

    I was almost blinded from the glare of your shinies, but it did not stop me from being slightly envious too ;)

  4. A very good selection of civie ships. Loads of good freebies as well. Now we all must be disciplined and put them all away and get the brush out.

    1. No comment about the livestock hauler's cargo or destination? ;)

  5. Ohhhh, Tamsin. Really. I feel bad now that I see all those ships and me with my few miniatures ... You are really aiming for becoming Empress of the Galaxy, are you?

  6. Your brush really loves these ships. You've got a real talent for painting these Tamsin and I do enjoy seeing them.

  7. Love what you've done with the ships!

  8. Nice Shinies. I really like the colour schemes on the Princess and the Olympus they stand out really well.

  9. @ Blax - I doubt any of these shinies will get painted during the Challenge. Maybe the NSL 15mm will, but it depends on having time in the schedule.

    @ Geordie - another convert to the dark side! Muwahahahaha! Spaceships are great fun

    @ Clint - disciplined? I hope you don't mean the "Spank me!" variety *lol*
    I was restrained and did manage to put away the new shinies and get on with painting

    @ Stargazer - I think the galaxy is firmly under my control. My sights are set on the rest of the universe now

    @ Anne - I guess I've found my true calling - painting spaceship models. Glad you like them :)

    @ Chasseur - thanks :)

    @ Simon - I was trying for the look of cruise liners for them. I think I got it down quite well.

  10. Great work on the ships! Love the civilian paint schemes.


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