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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Challenge Day 4

I've very nearly finished painting the hussars - just the metalwork to do, then a light shading wash to help define some of the details. Oh, and I need to go back to the officers and change the fur trim to grey and lacing to gold. I should get that done tonight. Tomorrow I'll varnish them (brush-on as it's too cold to spray) then on Wednesday I'll start basing them.

For those of you who haven't worked out which regiments these are, they are the Zeltiy and Slobodskiy hussars.

Last night I also did a little bit of work on the cuirassiers, dragoons and horse grenadiers (yes, I've decided to do one regiment of each). Just a small start though - the saddle cloths, holster covers and blanket/cape rolls. I might do the flesh tonight before going to bed.

Once I've varnished the hussars tomorrow, I'll switch to the cuirassiers. They should be fairly quick. If all goes well, I should have finished all the cavalry by the end of this weekend, putting me very slightly ahead of schedule.


  1. Lovely stuff Tamsin. Really enjoying these daily posts of yours. Your minis look great and the WIP photos help me keep going too :-)

  2. Your ability to set a goal and achieve it without wavering astounds me. I've the attention span of gnat and could never do something like this.

  3. My word, you're really flying Tamsin.

  4. Looking good, looks like you will hit the points galloping (sorry could not resist)


  5. All good stuff, you can't beat uniformity for speed painting.

  6. @ Blax - Hopefully I'll keep up with the daily posts through the Challenge. Glad ou like the WIP pics

    @ Anne - I didn't really have a plan last year or the year before, I just kept churning. I'm hoping to keep to my plan this year and maintain a steady pace.

    @ Ray - cheers :)

    @ Rodger - all progress is great :)

    @ Michael A - nah, not flying, just pottering along. Admittedly at a decent lick :)

    @ Ian - well, maybe at a fair canter :)

    @ Zabadak - funnily enough, I find uniforms more awkward than painting irregulars :)

    @ Millsy - thanks :)


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