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Monday, 29 December 2014

Challenge Day 25 - Some Progress on the Grenadiers

I took a break from painting this morning and most of the afternoon, so I haven't made a lot of progress today. I say not a lot, but they are very nearly complete now. Just some final detail work, washes and the flags to do. And the inevitable touching up.

The main reason I haven't made much progress is down to the fact that I was doing the red (drum rims, collars, cuffs and turnbacks) and black bits (base for metals, cartridge pouches, scabbards, toes of shoes, pigtail bows and mitres).

I took these pics after doing copper base coats on the cartridge box plates and mitres. I'll be highlighting those with gold paint later on. I've since done the steel bits.

So, the WIP pics:

It was interesting last night to see the difference that painting the flesh made. It transformed them suddenly from little blobs to little men.

Edit to add:

Phew! Just finished all the metalwork including gold braid for the officers and drummer. I've also given the gaiters and rear of the mitres a wash of diluted black paint. that just leaves touch-ups and standards to do. then a wash on the flesh; then varnish; then stick on bases; then add basing gunk; then dry-brush and flock. I should finish them before the end of 2014!


  1. Coming along nicely.. Look forward to seeing these done..

  2. You're working a lot !!
    looks good !

  3. Awesome stuff. You truly are the queen of the painting line. Don't know how you do it. Even at that scale I still can only paint 2-13 at one time.

  4. Just a brief note in which I would like to wish you a Happy New Year filled with happiness, good fortune and even better health!