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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Challenge Day 14 - I Can't Keep Secrets

First up - Simon has posted an AAR of the Gruntz game we played on Monday. I really should get around to doing mine!

Second up - the dragoons and horse grenadiers are oh-so-near completion. The basing gunk has been added, but is still a long way off drying, so I won't be able to do the dry-brushing and flocking tonight.

Thirdly - it's no good, I can't keep it secret. My "break" figures won't let me. So here's a pic.

I did several steps yesterday evening. A shade colour (Prussian blue mixed with some gloss black), a wet-brush of Prussian blue, then a medium-light dry-brush of medium blue mixed with metallic medium. I then gave them an overall wash of black. They were looking really good. However, I couldn't have thinned the black wash enough as this morning the figures were very, very black with only some of the metallic medium blue highlights showing through.

I've redone the metallic medium blue this evening, going a bit lighter on the dry-brushing this time. They look OK now. I should have just done the metallic medium blue dry-brush and left it at that. I've also painted the bases with London grey. Just a few more bits of detailing and they'll be done. However, it's out team lunch tomorrow, so I may not be in a fit state to do detail work when I get home, so they might not be finished in time for my Saturday posting slot.

Oh, yes - you want to know what the figures are - Space Demons from Khurasan.


  1. Keep going you can do it and get them finished by close of play Saturday. I have faith in you.

  2. All looks good, but I don't recollect space demons in the Russian lists.

  3. space demons is another name for Cossack Zadadak... very cool looking Tamsin.

  4. They look very very good indeed Tamsin, and glad you were able to get them looking a bit bluer with the additional drybrushing. You certainly look on course for both a wicked looking force and a glut of Challenge points :-)

  5. @ Ray - totally! :)

    @ Clint - it looks very much as though I will make it :)

    @ Zabadak - I found an army list that hadn't been hidden by our reptilian overlords ;)

    @ Adam - cheers :)

    @ Blax - glad you like them :)

  6. Nice work on all the Russians. I've been watching them progress and it's given me a push to go back to my own Seven Years War stuff. And I'm amazed that you manage to fit 3 Essex cavalry on a 30mm wide base. I may even try some temporary experiments with that idea, though I'm likely to stay with 2 figures to the base.

  7. @ Simon - thanks!

    @ Tom - Thanks. 3 Essex cavalry on a 30x30 base is a very tight fit (not to mention a pain in the proverbial when trying to get the basing gunk in between them). They're done this way because that's how the rules distinguish between regular and irregular cavalry (2 per base) - applies more to light horse (hussars, uhlans, etc)


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