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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Challenge Day 7 - Nothing Done on the Cavalry

Huzzah! Hussars!

Yes, they're up on the Challenge Blog and you can find them here. They've netted me 72 points, which is a nice start to the Challenge and gets me onto the points table

So, why haven't I done any work on the cavalry tonight. Partly because I'm umming and ahhing about whether to enter the rest of the Russian cavalry in the "Mounts and Riders" bonus round, which is a couple of weeks away, partly because I got home a bit late from work and didn't feel like doing much in the way of detailed painting.

I haven't been completely idle though. Last night, when I began umming and ahhing, I realised that I might want to get something else painted quickly if the cavalry were going to go into the bonus round. I couldn't face the infantry, so I got out the artillery and the commanders. As the commanders are mounted, they might join the cavalry in my bonus round entry.

I did do a little bit of work on them last night. They all had flesh and hats painted. The artillery got a lot more done. This evening I've done a bit more - the metalwork of the guns, limbers and partizans has been done and the crews are very close to being finished. It's rather convenient for me that the artillery wore red uniforms and I'd primed them red. I've also done most of the steps on painting the limber and commanders' horses. Once the ink wash has properly dried, I'll do the horse markings.

No, you're not getting any close-up pics tonight!

I'm also prepping some 15mm SciFi figures at the moment - should be good for some quick points when I get round to buying the bases I need for them.


  1. Tim sometimes gets home from work and he's brain is too tired to do much of his writing stuff.

    Hope you had something yummy to eat and a good cuppa something warm.

    Cheers, boogie boogie and happy painting.

  2. You can't work flat out all the time. And doing the blog each day as well. it all takes a tole, Have an evening off and come back strong on the weekend.

  3. If you don't have anymore mounted figures lined up I would save them for that. Lots of great work going on. You also can't paint all the time, it just hasn't been in the cards for me the last two days.

  4. You're going at quite a pace, but remember to take a break now and again.

  5. @ Whisk - I did have a nice cuppa and some good food thanks :)

    @ Clint - I did take last night completely off from painting, so all is well.

    @ Sean - I think that is my plan now. I'll get the artillery and commanders done, then finish off the cavalry and hold them over for the bonus round. I should have time to paint some other bits up in the meantime,but haven't decided what yet. Maybe the two grenadier regiments?

    @ Zabadak - I will be programming breaks into my schedule :)

    @ Dave - I seem to be :)


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