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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Challenge Day 12 - Somewhat Late

...so it's just as well I've got the morning off work.

Plenty of progress to report, although it does mean I can't post many pics.

Last night, after getting back from the club I touched up the bases to cover bare spots (the gunk shrinks a bit), painted the base edges, dry-brushed to gunk and then tried something on the generals' bases - puddle effects. That was done by pooling gloss varnish into some dips. I had to repeat that stage a couple of times this morning (OK - yesterday morning now that it's 2am on Wednesday!).

This evening I flocked all the bases of generals, artillery and cuirassiers. I then added some flower and grass tufts to the generals' bases. Once all that was done they got photographed. As I was processing the pics, I spotted that I'd missed the edging on part of one of the standards. A quick touch-up and re-photographing and all was well.

Since then I've been working on the dragoons and horse grenadiers. They are pretty much done now, with just touch-ups and some detailing on the drums to do in the morning before I head off to work. In the evening I'll be able to varnish them and hopefully stick them on their bases. Thursday evening should see the bases gunked, then I should get them dry-brushed and flocked on Friday, allowing me to submit the whole batch as one for my Saturday posting slot.

Here's a pic I just took of the dragoons and horse grenadiers.

"Hang on a second - one of those standards was red the other day, now it's green. What's she playing at?"

Give that man a fish! Well spotted indeed. Errmm, well, yes. I had originally intended the horse grenadiers to be the Astrakhanskiy regiment. On checking, I discovered that they didn't actually take part in the European theatre during the Seven Years War.

Tomorrow evening will also see me starting work on my next batch of figures. I did come to a decision, but it wasn't one of the ones I listed the other day. I'll be keeping them under wraps until the big reveal on the Challenge blog though. Needless to say, they aren't the Seven Years War infantry!

Oh, yes. You want to know how the game went last night. My NAC platoon quite convincingly trounced Simon's UNSC platoon, mostly down to some extremely fluky dice my excellent tactical choices.

As I won't be posting many WIP pics over the next few days, I'll try to post an AAR to shut you up keep you drooling.


  1. Nice work in the small scale!
    and good luck in the challenge ...

  2. Although I have no knowledge of this period these I must say are looking good. Changing the flag because that unit did not serve is very much like Mr Rousell. Please don't become another Raymond!

  3. I was just going to mention the flag (yeah right!), keep going Tamsin.

  4. Some cracking WIP pics Tamsin, they look great and I'm looking forward to seeing them finished. This has been a great series of WIP posts so you deserve a few days off :-)

  5. The Dragoons look excellent and replacing their flag is a a bit OCD, I know I wouldn't have bothered.

  6. @ Sam - cheers and thanks! :)

    @ Clint - have no fear, I will not become another budgie-smuggling Badger ;)

    @ Michael A - of course you were :)

    @ Blax - you should get to see them finished on Saturday. I will be getting a few days off painting next week. Unless, of course, I'm stupid enough to take some down to my dad's to paint over Christmas ;)

    @ Zabadak - thanks, glad you like them. I think it must have been the lighting that gave them an electric blue look the other day. I was lucky with the flags though - the dragoons Regiment I was originally going for also didn't take part in the SYW, but fortunately one did with the same field colour for their flag!

    @ Ray - thanks! :)