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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

ESU Fleet Assembled

After much sticking together of fingers and swearing, my ESU fleet and Crusties fleet are assembled. As I'm not planning to paint the Crusties for a while, they've gone back into their little box.

However, as the ESU fleet will be painted up during the Challenge (I hope!), I've stuck them onto long pegs for painting. Tomorrow I'll be priming them. Given that it is very cold at the moment and my boiler is still being temperamental, I'll be using brush-on primer

I've also finished painting and varnished the four remaining civilian ships this evening. Once the varnish is dry, I'll glue on some flight peg toppers and take proper pics.

Some of you will be aware that GZG are currently running their pre-Christmas deal at the moment. This is pretty good - you get a bag of freebies (selected by Mr Tuffley based on what he thinks you might like, normally roughly 10-15% of your order value) and if your order is more than £30 before VAT and shipping you also get a discount voucher to use in January/February.

So, you guessed it, an order has been placed for some more 15mm NSL as well as some more spaceships. I've ordered a couple more civilian ships, light and heavy carriers for 3 fleets (NAC, FSE and ESU) and some extra ESU ships.

I'm getting shinies!!!


  1. Very tempting Tamsin, very tempting indeed. I have a few GZG spaceships buried away in my lead mountain, and you're certainly making me consider digging them out. Please stop :-) They're all looking very good indeed, and everything looks on course for the Challenge.

  2. Mr.Tuffley is an evil man he knows how to get right to the wallet!

  3. Prepping these always seems to take a long time. But the results are worth it in the end. I look forward to seeing them painted.

  4. Empress Tamsin strikes again. Really nice job so far. I am looking forward to see them painted.

  5. Some fair sized chunks of metal there Tamsin! Really looking forward to seeing your challenge output again this year.

  6. Expanding fleet. Always an excellent work in progress.

  7. It's always good to know what delights we have n store in the coming months, your civilian ships look excellent too btw

  8. @ Blax - (do not) resist the temptation. Do (not) not paint spaceships :)

    @ Robert - he certainly does know how to lighten your purse/wallet

    @ Clint - the prep isn't too bad for the smaller ships, it's the capital ships which are a pain in the proverbial if they need pinning (which all of the bigger ones do)

    @ Stargazer - hopefully in the next day or two I'll manage to take and post pics of the finished civvy ships. the ESU won't be painted for a couple of months.

    @ Hobbyworker - cheers :)

    @ Millsy - the dreadnoughts are rather weighty! I'm looking forward to your output as well (and everybody else's of course)

    @ Brendon - I've got some more civvies on the way to add to my already-decent-sized convoy. Not to forget the carriers and extra ESU ships which will be with me shortly :)

    @ Fran - the civvies or the ESU?

    @ Zabadak - Thanks. I'll do a round-up tomorrow of what my painting plans are for the Challenge.

  9. In space, no one can hear you paint (or scream that your fingers are superglued together). Looking forward to seeing those big warships painted.
    Full power, all ahead, Ms. Tamsin!


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