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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Challenge Day 13 - Almost There

The dragoons and horse grenadiers are very nearly finished. The painting is all done and they have been varnished. I've just popped them off their painting sticks, ready for gluing onto 30x30 bases. Tomorrow evening I'll be adding the basing gunk - if I can get that done early enough, I might even be able to dry-brush the gunk and do the flocking. That will leave me plenty of time to draft the post on Friday, so that Curt can post them on Saturday.

I've also begun work on my "break" figures. I've done two stages this evening, and might manage to get a third in. I should be able to finish them tomorrow night, or Friday, giving me two entries on Saturday.

I'll leave you with a pic of my current workbench (I don't think you'll be able to see what the "break" figures are).


  1. looking very good indeed Tamsin, very good. Looking forward to Saturday's posting. Those "break" figures look very odd. I thought a few were giant bugs!?! Surely not :-)

  2. Going to a be a good point hit with all those mounts and riders. I anticipate a lot of entries in this one. Should be a real treat for the eyes. cheers

  3. Good output Tamsin, I am just waiting for you to pass me (again) I will have some reasonable points done for Tuesday but you got me


  4. Lovely work as usual, Tamsin. Are their opponents with whom they'll do great battle ready to go yet?

  5. @ Blax - thanks! Bugs, Xenos, whatever ;)

    @ Brendon - should be a smidge under 200 points for the Russians

    @ Ian - I'll be zooming past you tomorrow when they get posted. You might want to pull that bandana up to stop the worst of the dust from choking you! ;)

    @ Zabadak - thanks :)

    @ Jerry - they'll have plenty of opponents at the club, so I won't have to do any of my own :)