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Friday, 19 December 2014

Challenge Day 15 - The Russians Are In

Remember I said it was my team's Xmas lunch today? Well, this morning I woke up with a headache, streaming nose, sore throat, aching all over and shivering. Not to mention feeling wiped out and a bit spaced out. So, I've been off work and had to skip the lunch.

Still, it meant I had plenty of time to dry-brush and the bases of the dragoons and horse grenadiers this morning, once the Lemsip capsules had kicked in. I then took pics, wrote the post, saved it and emailed Curt to let him know that it was ready for him to add his bits and post it tomorrow.

I've also been able to make some progress on the Space Demons, mainly on the bases, but also silvering the teeth. I still need to do some touch-ups and do a little bit of detailing. They should be finished in time to be posted in my slot tomorrow.

At the back you can see something I've been prepping over the last few days. These will be the warrior monks for my Korean army. My plan is to take these with me to paint over Christmas.

As I'll have a couple of days before I head off for Christmas, I'll have to work out what to paint over the next couple of days. Start on the Russian infantry or change scale and do some 6mm ACW? You'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Every cloud as they say still you have been productive and I hope you feel better soon

  2. Sorry you had to miss your lunch Tamsin, and hope you're feeling better very soon. But as Panzer says, despite being under the weather you've clearly had a productive day :-)

  3. I'm liking the space demons Tamsin.

  4. You're going great guns, having the diversity of genres must help your enthusiasm I guess.

  5. time for a bug hunt

    "Pass me the big gun, No, Bigger!"

  6. Sorry you missed the dinner but looks like you made good use of the time though


  7. @ Petal - yup, it was productive even if most of it was low-level stuff :)

    @ Blax - better now than missing Xmas like I did one year - woke up on Christmas eve with 'flu so had to abandon travel plans, dose up on meds and go to the shops to get food in

    @ Michael A - I'm hoping you're liking them even more now that the finished brood is up :)

    @ Zabadak - it does help to break up the monotony

    @ Simon - yup. I figure we can rig something up for a Gruntz scenario in the New Year

    @ Ian - it was a bit of a disappointment, but these things happen.


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