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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Challenge Day 3

You will be glad to hear that I managed not to be overcome by all of yesterday's shininess and did manage to get some painting done. Quite a bit in fact.

All the horses bar two had their points painted. The two that didn't were a dark grey which got dappled and a light grey which was lightened further to become a white. They then all got an ink shading wash. Once that was dry, I did the white markings on faces and legs.

At this point I broke slightly from the plan and rather than doing all the horse tack before splitting out into smaller groups, I did the split at this point. Here's a quick pic of the cuirassiers and dragoons/horse grenadiers* at this stage:

Having done the split, I started work on the hussars. I only managed a little bit of work on them last night, just an undercoat for items which will be white (Sky Grey) or yellow (Yellow Ochre).

Those of you who know the Russian army of the era can probably guess which two hussar regiments these will be.

I will crack on with these today and see how far I get with them. If there's a fair wind behind me, I might even manage to finish painting them, which will just leave varnishing and basing to do over the next few evenings.

* I still haven't decided whether to paint these as dragoons, horse grenadiers or do one of each.


  1. Looks good. Way to go, Tamsin! I am eager to see them finished.

  2. Come on girl. Even Ray will beat you at this pace.
    Ok maybe he won't this year but you do have a speedy reputation.

    1. Now Clint, don't push her. She's been ill most of the year and we want her to stay healthy throughout the Challenge.

  3. Great WIP shots Tamsin. Nice to see how you paint your minis up. Disappointed you're not giving away another GZG discount code with this posting though :-P

  4. You've got things well managed Tamsin. Here's hoping there is a fair wind at your back as you bring these across the finish line!

  5. Good to see you're keeping busy. ;)

  6. All the best there Tamsin and keep it up

  7. Great to see plenty of variation in your horse colours at smaller scales. Many don't bother and it is a real winner IMHO. Looking forward to seeing these done!

  8. Go Tamsin ! I probaby could have named the Hussar regiments at one time, but alas time has took its toll and it's been many years since I painted a Russian 7yw army (and it wasn't for myself either !). I think I'm looking forward to seeing these finished more than anything else on your list.

  9. @ Stargazer - hopefully they'll be finished very soon.

    @ Clint - I'm keeping my eye on the pace I need to keep to hit my target. No point rushing, even if it means that I won't be on the table for a few days.

    @ Blax - cheers. And no, no discount codes with this post :)

    @ Anne - I've got a plan (sort of) and I'm going to stick to it. Well, as much as I can anyway :)
    ps - thanks for telling Clint off! :)

    @ Michael A - always busy, just busy with painting this time :)

    @ Petal - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - I've always tried to have a variety of horse colours for my cavalry (and a realistic mix of bays, chestnuts, duns and others). It just looks better in my opinion.

    @ Zabadak - well, I've named them in my next post, so that should remind you. I'm enjoying painting these up, which is odd considering I tend to avoid uniform troops.