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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Challenge Day 16 - The Russians Have Arrived

Hooray! My Russians have been posted on the Challenge blog and have already received lots of lovely comments.

I've finished the Space Demons. After posting yesterday, I suddenly realised that I had something in the lead mountain which would go very well with them, so I very quickly prepped, assembled and primed it last night. I painted it up today.

Unfortunately, I've been having trouble taking pics of them. I think I've found out what the problem was, so will go back and re-do all the photos after posting this. With a bit of luck, they'll be submitted in time for Curt to post them tonight.

I've also been busy with the Korean warrior monks. Last night I'd gone over the gravel on the bases with 50% PVA to help secure it and also to provide a smooth coat to make painting easier. It also helps to stop the gravel soaking up the paint. Today, while paint was drying on the other stuff, I primed them.

I might make a start on them over the next few days, so that I won't have much to do over Christmas.


  1. Oh they look like they're going to be a smashing force, Tamsin. great post on the Challenge today. You're really going great guns at the moment :-)

  2. You really are a painting machine with a production line of goodies.

  3. You are a painting demon and I just cannot believe the volume of your output

  4. @ Blax - these will just be a small addition to my existing Koreans, but rather more colourful.

    @ Clint - "Tamsin's Painting Factory" :)

    @ Petal - nah, just a plain, ordinary demon ;)


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