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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Challenge Day 17 - SYW Russian Generals, Artillery and Cavalry

As curt posted my second entry last night, I can now post the pics here so that those who aren't following the Challenge can have a chance to see them in all their glory. I won't post all the pics; if you want to see some more, you can see them on the Challenge blog.

This was a bit of a points bomb, and netted me 195 points (Curt gave me some bonus points for the hand-painted standards).

The Generals

General Count Vasilliy Oldvol

General Baron Ivan Tovokov

General Valdimir Yvorluncz

The Artillery

The Cuirassiers

3rd Cuirassiers

Kievsky Cuirassiers

The Dragoons and Horse Grenadiers

Tverskiy Dragoons

Sankt-Petersburgskiy Horse Grenadiers

I'm rather pleased with how they've come out and everybody on the Challenge blog seems to love them. It's hard to believe that these and the hussars took me just a smidgeon over two weeks to paint up.

This means that the cavalry wing, the artillery and the commanders for my starter army are now complete, leaving me with two regiments of grenadiers and six of musketeers to paint up. Later next year I'll be adding to the army, once I've got a few games under my belt. there will definitely be more cuirassiers, more hussars (Huzzah!), more artillery and infantry. Oh, and some Cossacks; a Russian army has to have Cossacks!

I did submit the Space Demons last night, but Curt hasn't posted them yet. I'm hoping he'll post them tonight or tomorrow, otherwise I suspect they'll be queued for posting next Saturday.

I'm currently sitting in 5th place on 267 points; with the Space Demon entry I'd probably be up in 3rd place. For a brief while - there are several people who will overtake me during the week.


  1. A cracking entry and no mistake. Worth every point!

  2. Rather you than me painting all those horses, I'm struggling painting just the one (I've not painted any previously to the Challenge's theme requirement and I've discovered I don't like painting horses).

    Oh, by the way. Very nice :)

  3. Slendid stuff - they look great. What rules are they based for?

  4. great work - just how big is this army going to be?

  5. Impressive work ! well done !
    Merry Christmas !

  6. They're all quite impressive.

  7. That is alot of work :O impressive.

  8. Hi Tamsin,

    I like all you do in your Russian army.
    I plan to paint one for Maurice ruleset, so I will take inspiration on your paintwork, I tought I would have to change the moulded standards, but you proved to everybody that it 's possible to use them.
    one more time, congratulations for your very productive brushwork.

    Kind regards


  9. Cracking looking troops, me lady!

  10. Terrific work, Tamsin, and done to a very high standard. You should be deservedly proud of this work. It puts my 28mm SYW Russians to shame. Bravo.

  11. @ Millsy - thanks! :)

    @ Roy - horses aren't as difficult to paint as a lot of people think. There are plenty of tutorials on the web if you need any help.

    @ Dannoc - thanks. They will be for "King of the Battlefield"

    @ Miles - for now it will be 6 regiments of cavalry, 8 of infantry and 2 artillery batteries. Eventually it will be about double the size.

    @ Sam - thank you. Joyeux Noel!

    @ Michael A - ...sauce!

    @ Zabadak - glad you are impressed! :)

    @ Hobbyworker - I've done bigger batches :)

    @ Gilles - happy to inspire. The standards are a bit of a pain, but can be painted if you're careful :)

    @ Ray - cheers!

    @ Michael P - thank you Padre. I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

    @ Paul - thank you :)