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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

WW2 Aussie Test Figure

Over the last couple of evenings I've been trying out a paint scheme on my test figure for the WW2 Aussies.

All the colours except for the flesh and hair were highlighted by adding Buff to the base colour. The figure was finished by using Vallejo flesh wash on the flesh and hair, then diluted Army Painter Strong Tone wash on the rest of the figure.

Base colours used:

Shirt - Olive Grey
Trousers - Brown Violet
Slouch hat and water bottle - English Uniform
Webbing, gaiters, hat band - Khaki
Boots - Flat Brown
Metal on the FT - Russian Green and Olive Drab

I think that the Buff was too strong a colour to add for most of the highlights, so will probably go with Iraqi Sand when I do the figures for real. I might still use Buff to highlight the Khaki though.

I was debating about using a single colour for both shirts and trousers but I like both shades and it will help give some variety. I'll just have to remember which is which when it comes to highlighting them.

When I do the flesh, I might add a dark blue-grey glaze to give them the old 5 o'clock shadow.


  1. Terrific job, Tamsin! When you begin to put your infantry units together remember that the jungle trained Aussies used lots of SMGs and very seldom wore helmets.
    How big an army are you planning?

    1. And the SMGs were often Owen guns, an iconic look...

  2. a very natural looking figure, good show.

  3. this is a great looking miniature Tamsin, its a force that I wanted to look into, but BA is on the back burner at the mo

  4. Superb work, Tamsin. Love the subtle colours. He looks outstanding imho.

  5. That certainly looks the part to me.

  6. @ Jerry - thanks! I do have plenty of SMG-armed troops for the platoon :)

    @ Millsy - indeed. Officers and senior NCOs aside, I've got 7 Owens and 2 Tommys on top of the 21 rifles and 3 Brens, plus the heavier support weapons.

    @ Derek - cheers! :)

    @ Norm - thanks! :)

    @ Lee - cheers! :)

    @ Da Gobbo - thanks! I've got the BA books, but I think I'll probably go with Chain of Command :)

    @ Simon - cheers! Not bad for a quick test paint, eh? :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

  7. Not used to seeing you work on 28mm Tamsin, but I'm liking what I see thus far. The new Warlord Aussies are lovely sculpts, you should make them shine for sure.