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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Saturday Workbench 19 May

What's this? Another workbench post?

Yep, well, I got a reasonable amount done today so I thought I'd show you where I've got to.

Gaslands Hazard Tokens:

I did the yellow airbrushing this morning, then used a black Sharpie to do the exclamation marks. I'll be giving them a coat of gloss varnish tomorrow.

Aussie Independent Company:

These chaps got a coat of matt varnish this morning. I'll be ddry-brushing the bases (along with the Papuans) tomorrow.

Gaslands Gates:

Original type

New type

I used the airbrush to lay down the metal base coats on these today. I'll do the weathering later this week or maybe next weekend.

Sarissa Far East Huts:

I cut some strips of white card to resemble roof shingles last night, then stuck them on today. I think they look much better. Here's a before and after comparison pic:

This evening I've added Vallejo dark earth to the bases:

Tomorrow the huts will get primed, although I will need to buy another can of white primer first.

The Battlebus:

I did some zenithal pre-shading on the bus this morning, then laid down the main base colours with the airbrush this afternoon. Looking at the photo I realise that I forgot to do the blue on the horizontal strips. I'll have to do that tomorrow. I might also go over the armour plates with a different colour, maybe a dark grey.

I'll carry on working on it during the week.


  1. By, you have been busy, and very industrious!, and everything looks outstanding, especially the much awaited Aussies!

  2. That's a lot of output and I see your rebellious streak - a gaming post on the day of the royal wedding - I thought it was legally mandatory for you Brits to watch the whole event - don't worry, your secret is safe with me.

    By the way +1 to Harry and Megan for not inviting The Orange Idiot - I was at a charity event in DC last night and the rumors were that Trump was apoplectic Saturday watching who was invited when he wasn't.

  3. Heavy hitting as usual, agree with you about the shingles, well worth the extra work