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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wednesday Workbench 02 May

After finshing the test figure yesterday I decided it was time to get the rest of the Aussies onto bases ready for priming. So I spent a while doing that while watching TV.

Right - let's see what there is:

Some Eureka chooks

Independent Company section

Papuan natives

Vickers and 3" mortar teams

The barrel tips of these two's guns snapped off - test figures now


Radio, sniper, Boyes, PIAT and 2" mortar teams

Officers and senior NCOs

Brens and flamethrower

SMG troops - 7 x Owen, 2 x Thompson

Yesterday I took advantage of the bright, dry start to the day (I'd got to work early, so had a little bit of time) to spray prime the plastic chassis parts for those 41 cars. Sadly the weather today was crap and I wasn't able to spray prime the insert parts.

This evening I airbrushed the first metallic coat onto the chassis parts.

My airbrush has taken a bit of a hammering lately and the black metal paint wasn't spraying as easily as it should, so once they were all done I stripped it down and gave it a thorough cleaning.

Tomorrow evening I'll be drybrushing the chassis parts with a lighter steel colour and then "rusting them". As the weather looks to be much better tomorrow, I might be able to prime the plastic inserts. If I do, then they'll get sprayed black with the airbrush then the metal parts can get painted and rusted. If all goes well, I should eb able to get them all reassembled.


  1. Your rate of work is positively exhausting to witness!

  2. I've never got on with prepping all the items 4 a project in one go as it's a daunting sight with them all sitting there tutting at me. Each to there own. But yours never sit there for long.

  3. Agree with Legatus, I'm worn out just looking at this! Lol. The Aussies do look good though. Look forward to seeing them when they are done.

  4. Are you planning to use the Aussies for Bolt Action or something similar? I looked at the figures and you actually have too few SMGs. By 1943 the Australian Army was fielding units specifically trained for jungle fighting. Your uniform looks correct but a typical infantry squad might have one man with a rifle acting as a sniper, a two man Bren gun unit and the other seden equipped with Owen and Thompson SMGs. In the jungle it doesn't depend so much on accuracy as it does on volume of fire in close in firefights. Carry on, Tamsin! I am truly looking forward to seeing your final Aussie unit.

  5. You didn't buy into these lads lightly - that's an impressive pile of white-metal to get through.

  6. @ Legatus - the advantage of having an airbrush - you can paint large areas very quickly :)

    @ Dannoc - I tend to get everything ready to go before I begin painting; it's just how I've always worked :)

    @ Lee - so says the man who painted "Zulus sir, farsands of 'em" during the Challenge :)

    @ Jerry - I'll probably go with Chain of Command rather than Bolt Action.
    I was aware of the switch to a more SMG-heavy load-out from later in 1943, but I'm more focused on the 1942 campaign (Kokoda trail to Buna) where the militia units were lucky to have more than a couple of Brens per company (the AIF units were better equipped, but still mostly rifles in the infantry sections).
    Having said that, I've got a lot of Owens here and they didn't reach New Guinea until 1943 - my excuse is that there are very few figures with Tommy guns.

    @ Dai - yup, enough for a full platoon plus supports :)

  7. Your rate and quality of production is very impressive. Almost as impressive as that most massive blog list that you follow! LOL