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Friday, 18 May 2018

Friday Workbench 18 May

I've actually been at home sick for the last three days. I thought I was getting better yesterday, but got worse overnight and was grotty again today. That throws a bit of a spanner in the works for my plans to go to Partizan on Sunday as I know I'll need to rest up and getting up early to get the train to Newark isn't going to help with that.

Despite illness, I have managed to finish highlighting the Aussies and given them a wash to tone them down a little. For some reason I decided to use an equal mix of Strong tone and Vallejo green wash which I used on the green and khaki parts, then used straight Strong Tone on the rest of the figure (not the flesh). I think I prefer the straight strong tone as with the test figure. I've given them a Klear coat, added basing texture (Vallejo dark earth) and then painted that when it was dry.

Tomorrow I'll hit them with a spray of matt varnish before dry-brushing the base. I also repainted the bases of the Papuans and will dry-brush those tomorrow.

I think I'm going to add the basing texture to the rest of the figures before painting them. Once that's done, I'll go over them with primer as there were a few thin/missed patches last time.

As I wasn't up to doing much more on the painting front, and with time to fill, I decided yesterday to put together some of the MDF kits I bought at Campaign. I got them primed today:

The hazard tokens will get airbrushed yellow tomorrow. Then I can add the black markings and varnish them.

I also assembled the two Sarissa far East village huts:

I had an accident (well, two) with the lifted one:

but as you can see I have sorted out one of them and found a workaround for the other. I think I will reinforce the inside corners on the raised one to help protect it during transport.

I'm considering putting these huts on scenic bases to protect the steps. I'll cut a base tomorrow and see what I think. I'll also prime the various sections. For the roof, I think I need to do something - the flat shingles (and gap at apex) just look wrong. I'll probably cut some strips of card and glue those over the top. I might do that before priming the roofs.

I also got the battle-bus primed:

I might start work on painting that tomorrow while I have the airbrush station set up. Or at least get some black and white (and maybe dark grey) pre-shading done. If I have time, I might also get some base colours done. I can then work on the detailing in the evenings next week.


  1. Hope you feel better soon the Aussies and natives all look great!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery.