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Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday Workbench 07 May

I just thought I'd do a quick post to show you what I decided to go with next for painting. As you can see from the pic, I opted to do the Papuans. So far I've got all the base coats done (apart from the camo on the Owen guns). I'll be doing the highlights over the next couple of evenings.

After these I think I'll carry on with the Aussies. That should keep me busy for a week or two!


  1. Nice one! I really like such an exotic subject for a project. And there is a Dutch connection with Papua New Guinea so...

  2. Great topic! I really like the stretcher team.

  3. Nice, maybe a light semi gloss varnish would make them look sweaty!

  4. A week or two! At your pace!! Never!!!

  5. @ Sander - they are an uncommon group of soldiers, but definitely very interesting. Not to mention a bit of a challenge to paint - dark skin and white kilts :)

    @ Swelter - thanks! The stretcher team are a fairly recent release from Eureka [as are the Papuan infantry] :)

    @ Herkybird - that's what I was thinking :)

    @ Lee - well, there are quite a lot of them, I'm doing at least 2 levels of highlighting and I only have an hour or two each evening ;)