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Monday, 1 February 2016

Challenge Day 43 - Sunday WIP

I haven't done a great deal on the painting front today. Last night I applied the horse colour basecoats for the Korean irregular cavalry and commanders.

This afternoon I painted manes, tails and points where these wouldn't be the base colour (ie, for bays, duns, blacks and some chestnuts). Once that was done, I applied my usual washes. And that's where I left them. I'll do the face and leg markings on the horses tomorrow night and maybe the tack if I have time. The riders (other than the commanders and their guards) should be a fairly quick paint.

I also re-primed the drunken pirate with black. I'll be working on him over the next four weeks whenever I have an appropriate gap in my schedule.

This evening, while taking things reasonably easy, I have been on a bit of a spending spree - some paints from SnM Stuff; some posable metal skeletons from Ebob Miniatures; some DeeZee beasties from Arcane Scenics; and some more Aztecs plus loose shields, weapons and banners from The Assault Group.

If I get time this week, I might also paint up a few more Aztecs - some of the warrior priests this time which should be fun.


  1. Terrifying WIP, Tamsin ... I can't keep up! Amazing output, and wonderful to see!


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