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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Challenge Day 63 - Still WIPing Those Mounted Rebs

Slow progress again today. I went out shopping for a few hours this morning; bought a couple of books and a bottle of airbrush cleaner (I'm running a bit low). Picked up the new issue of Wargames Illustrated - if you buy it, you might notice a certain blogger's name in one of the articles and one of their pics. Who can that be? Well,...

I also purchased a new desk light for painting as my old one was starting to break apart. I ended up with a LED light, although I was a little bit uncertain whether it would be suitable for painting.

Fortunately it is pretty good for painting and hopefully will also be good for photography. The light intensity is controllable and you can also switch between daylight and warm (ie - yellow) light.

Back to the Reb cavalry and commanders though. I didn't start work on them until this evening, having decided that it was too late, and I wasn't in the mood, to try to paint a 28mm character figure to submit today.

I've done all the wood, basecoated the metal bits in black, done the belts and other leather accoutrements (either black or orange-brown) and added buff facings to all the officers, command groups and a few troopers. Dog, that was fiddly, especially the collars.

Tomorrow I'll be doing the metals, hands (and face touch-ups), horse markings and furniture and the guidons. Well, that's the plan at least.


  1. Confeds are just so fiddly to paint, your doing a stand up job on them though.

    Hope you get more back in the grove this week, seems only Dave is still firing on all cylinders at the moment


  2. I popped in to a different wh smiths this morning and had to ask forvdwargaming mags - they only had one copy of MW and nothing else. I'll have to try and get to my usual smiths next week to see what they have to say about you.
    Great work on those rebs