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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Challenge Day 46 - WIPs and Goodies

OMG - I haven't posted since Sunday night! About time to update you all then.

On Monday night I painted the leg and face markings on all the horses, and went over the washed ivory base of the white horse with Off White. I then painted the figure bases with Khaki Grey. I wasn't feeling up to doing much that night.

Last night I didn't do a whole lot either. I decided to separate out the three sticks of figures for command stands to paint separately next week, leaving just the figures for the "irregular cavalry". I painted the faces and hands, and then did the horse tack. I also painted the wood of the bows and spear/halberd shafts.

Pic taken before I painted the bows and spear/halberd shafts

This evening I've been feeling much more up to painting and have made excellent progress:
Hair (including beards)
Black undercoat on blades
Main colour of outer robes

They're looking pretty good. Later on I'll be painting the trim colour on the outer robes and doing the saddle cloths. If I have time before bed, I'll do a Sky Grey undercoat on the sleeves and trousers of their paji suits.

That just leaves painting the paji suits white, doing the cloaks boots, leather parts (belts, scabbards, quivers), shafts and flights of the arrows and the blades of weapons. Oh, and the eyes of the horses. It should just about be possible to finish them tomorrow.

Two of the orders I placed on Sunday have come in. These from Arcane Scenics yesterday:

And these paints from SnM Stuff today:

The three on the left are replacement stock for colours that I'm running low on. As is always the way, I noticed I was running low of another colour the day after I placed the order. Oh, well, such is life.


  1. That's exactly how I order paint. Forget to add the paint that I was meaning to restock. :)

  2. Those Koreans are looking good. I thought I was the only one that gets home with new paints only realise a crucial colour is empty.

  3. Nice work! Painting cavalry is my least favourite chore, so I understand your lack of enthusiasm at times.

  4. Very nice! I should be sitting here painting.....instead I'm, trawling blogs???