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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Challenge Day 67 - All Your Bases Are Belong to Rebs

Well, this is how I left the 6mm Reb cavalry, Zouaves and commanders last night:

Yes - I did manage to get them glued onto their bases. That made for a quick start to work this evening, and I got the basing gunk added in a 90 minutes or so session. Here's a pic of them taken a few minutes ago:

The gunk is now drying and that will take at least overnight. Tomorrow night I'll be able to drybrush the bases and maybe add static grass and some tufts/clumps to the commanders' bases.

Yep, just a short update tonight.


  1. I really like the looks of these. Especially the dismounted cavalry skirmish lines. The 60mm square bases are certainly more visually appealing than the standard 30x60 I usually see. Nicely done.

  2. So close to finishing the project now, will look great when finished


  3. Look at them all, you must be on track for nicking the 6mm challenge title.

  4. Nice. It is interesting how you were better able to integrate the bases into the terrain then I was. I initially glued the figures on and then applied the gunk (I use wood filler). I found though I was getting a ton of stuff on the figures. I then went with putting the gunk on the base and pressing the figures into it (they did not require glue). This was marginally better but certainly not as tidy as yours.


  5. I am amazed by your painting...and eyesight! 6mm? Stone the crows, I need glasses, extra lighting and a magnifying lamp just to see 20mm.

  6. How many of these little jokers have you painted now? They seem never ending!

  7. @ Dartfrog - thanks! The 60mm square bases do allow more opportunity to make them look interesting :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Ian - it will be good to get these finished, although I do have some more in the lead pile - the part that is in storage at the moment :)

    @ Michael - thanks! Sadly, not enough points to catch Ian though. I conceded that the other day :)

    @ John - cheers! I did get some of my gunk onto the figures while I was applying it. It's almost impossible to avoid doing that, so I keep a wet brush handy to wipe off any mistakes when I spot them :)

    @ SRD(H) - thanks! Having good light does help with the painting :)

    @ Millsy - rather a lot, but I'll probably add to them in the future :)

  8. A pretty sight are those Dixie boys.

  9. A pretty sight are those Dixie boys.