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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Challenge Day 64 - The Mounted Rebs Are WIPed

Yoiks! We're into the last 4 weeks of the Challenge now. I'd better pull my finger out and get plenty of painting done.

Luckily I've had a good day for painting and managed to finish the Reb cavalry and commanders today. Apart from a coat of varnish (which I'll do tonight before bed), basing and adding flags to the standard bearers in the command groups.

I've decided to finish off the rest of my 6mm Rebs this week - two bases of Zouaves and another two of dismounted cavalry. They will be relatively quick paints so I should be able to finish them in good time to base them along with the cavalry and commanders. What will help is the fact that I have the next two days off work.

Assuming I get those finished early in the week, I think I'll hit up the last seven Aztecs. And then there's the drunken pirate to paint up for the Nautical bonus theme round.