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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Challenge Day 49 (Again!) - Green Stuff

Why again? Well, I accidentally put day 49 in yesterday's post title.

I ended up pulling a late-nighter yesterday to be able to finish the Koreans today.

Which I did, and the post has been published here. These took me over my original 1000 point target with 6 weeks left until the Challenge ends. As I want to take things a bit easier now, get some gaming in and have fun painting I've only increased my target to 1300 points.It might get raised to 1500 points later on.

Since finishing the cavalry, I've been playing with Green Stuff. For my "Mexicagrave" project, I will need wizards and my plan is to use Aztec priests and maybe captains in that role. To that end I deliberately didn't glue weapons into the hands of one of the priest figures and the Tzimitzli captain.

I have an idea for simulating balls of magic in their hands but haven't tried it to see if it will work. If it doesn't, I'll need something to put in their hands, so out came the Green Stuff.

I started by rolling some out into very thin lengths and twisting three strands together into staff shapes, then squidging the ends into heads and tails. I then worried about fragility, so I cut some staff-length bits of 0.5mm piano wire and wound thin lengths around those. I had some little blobs left over so I made some smaller shapes as well.

Staffs with wire; odd bits; staffs without wire.
I'm leaving these to dry and harden overnight. Any of the bits that I don't end up using could end up as treasure tokens.

Tomorrow I'll be taking a day off from painting to catch up with reading. During the week, I'll be paintign up the nine Korean command group figures. I realised that the groups were lacking one thing - some poor grunts to carry the flags, so I've just picked out three regular infantry figures with long spears and glued them onto a painting stick. I'll prime them tomorrow - painting those three should be pretty quick.

After that, I'll probably return to the 6mm Rebs - I've still got cavalry, Zouaves and commanders to paint


  1. Like the Korean Cavalry. Look forward to seeing them in action.

  2. Does this mean I get to watch England play Scotland at Rugby again, but without the fear that we might lose? That's certainly a lot of horseflesh you of through there Tamsin, splendid stuff.

  3. You have a 100% more dedication than me! Very well done