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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Challenge Day 57 - Sunday Night Update

I did warn you I might do second post today!

I've made some decent progress on the 6mm Reb cavalry and commanders today, even with taking time out to watch YouTube vids.

The first stage with mounted figures is always to paint the horses. I've done the base colours; the points, manes and tails for the bays and a couple of the other horses; washed them and painted the strip bases.

I couldn't let Brendon be the only Challenger to paint a skewbald horse. If you look at the strip behind you'll spot that I've also put a piebald into the mix for added variety.

Tomorrow evening I'll be doing the white markings and painting the "furniture". If I have time, I'll then do a light grey basecoat over the riders, saddle cloths/blankets and blanket rolls.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these come along, especially for the scale.

  2. So you go back to 6mm again do you? Well I will have the lead in the side challenge for a day at least LOL