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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Challenge Day 51 - Korean Commanders Day 1

It turns out I'm only going to have three evenings for painting this week. Tomorrow night is my manager's official escape leaving do at work, then on Thursday our team will be going out for a meal with him.

With that in mind, I've cracked on this evening and made good inroads into painting the Korean commanders:

I'll do a little bit more on them before I go to bed - the boots on the escorts and the wooden spear and halberd shafts.

On Wednesday evening, I'll be doing the metals and as much of the detail work as time allows, with the aim of just having touch ups and Klear/ink coat to do on Friday (plus sticking them onto bases and adding ballast to the bases ready for finishing off on Saturday).


  1. Looking good! I really don't know where you find the time to do WIP posts during the Challenge. I'm too busy wielding the brush...

  2. Impressive additions to your large Imjin War project.