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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Challenge Day 42 - Lots Going On

It's been busy, busy, busy at my paint desk the last few days. I finished off the basing on the 6mm Reb artillery, finished painting and based the wolves and got a few other things done as well.

The Aztec Jaguar warriors and pumas have been posted

So have the 6mm Reb artillery

As have the wolves.

With all of these submissions in, I looked toward my next project. I've decided to paint up some "irregular cavalry" for my Koreans and decided that if I was going to be doing horses, I might as well do some mounted commanders as well. Early this afternoon I primed the figures that hadn't been done. After this post, I'll be doing the base colour for the horses.

While the primer was drying, I decided to do some small bits of work. I fancied doing a quick paint of a single figure before commencing with the mass of cavalry and a quick root around in my project drawers unearthed a couple of Mordheim figures that I'd won in a blog prize draw a couple of years back. I had prepped and primed them at some point.

I also picked out a figure I will be submitting for the Nautical bonus theme round. This was another freebie, this time from Anne. I decided to extend the deck planking effect from the figure's base to cover the whole base as it would look better. I made up some Milliput and squidged it onto the base. Possibly a bit too thickly, but it will do. Since taking the pic above (ie once the Millput had cured) I have lightly sanded the Milliput and carved in the planking effect. Although the figure had previously been primed white, I will be spray priming it black tomorrow.

I've also painted and submitted one of the Mordheim figures, but it isn't up at the time of writing. You'll have to wait and see which one it was.

Edit: My fourth submission of the week is up!


  1. Great work Tamsin, have you pro-painter since the amount of excellent figures you complete is huge as well as the range in periods and scale. I tend to have projects (single units), on the desk for months at a time, if not years!!!

  2. Interesting work so far, like the planking BTW.

  3. cool stuff. I really like those Aztecs

  4. Awesome Jaguar warriors, excellent job!

  5. You are certainly treating us to a varied and exciting bounty of goodies. Love the Jaguar warriors and really looking forward to the Nautical round entry now.

  6. Wow Marvellous! Busy week ahead and such a large variety of different subjects and scales.

  7. Great work - you've been very busy! I especially like the Aztec warriors.


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