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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Challenge Day 49 - Almost There

The Korean "irregular cavalry" have taken a little bit longer than anticipated to finish. Mainly because some of the details are incredibly fiddly, with the inevitable requirement to go back and do touch-ups. I did those this evening, then painted the horses' eyes and gave the figures a coat of my Klear/ink mix.

Here's a pic of them having just done that final stage:

Here's a rear view pic of them taken last night:

Of course, this means that to be able to get them completed in time to submit tomorrow, I'm going to have to make a change to the way I do my basing. I'll need to quickly prime the edges of the MDF bases white to make them easier to paint the final colour onto - I'll do that after this post.

Once these are done, I'll take a mini-break to catch up on reading. Then it will be onto painting the Korean commanders. Or maybe some more Aztecs. Who knows?