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Friday, 2 May 2014

Some Shinies?

I hope:

I'll be collecting these parcels tomorrow. I know that one of them must be the buildings I ordered from Sarissa Precision as I had a notification that they had been dispatched. I'm assuming that the other package is my order of Gangster figures and vehicles from Old Glory UK, although there hasn't been any communication from them.

And now a request for help. Please see Ian's post on "The Blog With No Name", follow the link there and vote. It's in a very good cause.


  1. Oh shiney, gimme gimme gimme and I have added my vote :)

  2. Nothing beats shiny metal in the post. I'll head on over to Ians forthwith.

  3. Enjoy the parcels!
    Been over to Ian's , a very good cause.

  4. I know your anxiety...I hope you get what you are waiting for.

  5. Oh the excitement I bet you cant wait

  6. One of the best things about the internet is getting shinies through the mail! I hope they are as good as you deserve.

  7. My favourite delivery from the postman - the little red card of joy! Took mine to the depot this morning and swopped it for some drystone walls!

  8. It's amazing how much excitement a card from the Royal Mail can generate, even when it's for someone else!