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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Goodies and WIP

When I got home this evening I had a package waiting for me - the bits I'd ordered from Fenris Games. Here's a pic of the assorted goodness:

A pack of oil drums, a pack of garbage cans, two packs of fire hydrants, 2 packs of wooden pallets, a park bench and a fizzy lemon sweetie.

I've placed an order with Ainsty now for various bits from the Trade Goods range, plus a skylight and pigeon loft from the Flatroof range. I'll be picking those up at Broadside next weekend. My order from Fighting 15s have been dispatched so they should be with me in the next day or two.

Last night I began work on the Blue Moon gangsters. I'll be doing a little more work on them this evening. Here's a quick WIP pic to give you a taster:


  1. Nothing beats getting new lead in the post! Those scenic bits are going to look good with your Gangsters.

  2. Nice postal delivery Tamsin, do I spot your very own version of said Badger chappie ?

  3. A nice little collection there Tamsin!

  4. TWO packs of fire hydrants? Expecting/planning something like Devil's Night are we?

    1. When you unleash the Dogs of War, you want to be mindful of their comforts...
      ; )

  5. Posts like this inspire (nay, shame) me into starting on my projects.

  6. Lots to do there Tamsin, at least by my admittedly indolent standards - probably just an afternoon's work for you though!

    Looking forward to seeing the completed gang and terrain!

  7. I love the trash cans! I can't wait to see the added details with your buildings and gangs! These should make the streets feel much more alive. Great loot!

  8. I love those Fenris goodies, but let me tell you the bench was a fiddly little blighter! As for the pallets you might find yourself asking why didn't I just make my own, but they do look really cool and, in my case, it avoids any unpleasantness with the scalpel!

  9. Given Ian Marsh's amazing delivery service (22 hours is his record - of which at least three were wasted by the abysmal local delivery service where my office is located.

    1. I neglected to finish my sentence! What I meant to say was Ian Marsh's deliveries are so fast I'm surprised it wasn't there before you thought about ordering it!

  10. @ Ian - it is indeed

    @ Anne - and more shininess today!

    @ Loki - Badger? I have no idea what or to whom you refer ;)

    @ Ray - and even more when I get my Ainsty bits

    @ Millsy - apparently there has been a spate of arson in New Mornington

    @ Ev - good point. I'd better get some mailboxes and lamp posts as well

    @ Dean - sometimes we all need a kickstart

    @ Ev (again) - a bit more than an afternoon with the way I get distracted..ooh! Squirrel!

    @ Nobody667 - well, you've got to have something for the cars to knock over ;)

    @Clint - when is loot not nice?

    @ Michael - anything that saves fingertips from being sliced is good. The bench and pallets do look a bit fiddly to put together

    @ Francis - shiny is good!

    @ :Little Armies - and the Fighting 15s goodies arrived today. Very impressive delivery time.