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Monday, 5 May 2014

Loki's Giveaway; Bank Holiday Monday Update #2

Loki is having a giveaway to celebrate 3 years of blogging, 400 posts and 150,000 page views. There are some great prizes, so do head on over.

Bank Holiday Monday Update #2

Since my post earlier this afternoon, I've made good progress on the small commercial building. This was despite discovering that the primer wasn't much help in preventing the MDF drinking up the paint. I've come to two conclusions:

1. There's not much point to priming the MDF
2. It would be much easier to paint the sections before assembling the buildings.

Of course, both conclusions are too late for these three, but are useful for the next batch.

I've still got some work to do - painting the interiors, doors and windows, plus doing some touching up. I'll be leaving the ground floor interior walls in the red primer, but the floor will be dark blue. I haven't decided what colours to do the upper floor.

Here are some progress pics:

So far I've been using craft paints for this, thinned down with water to aid the flow for the basecoats, but un-thinned for the dry-brushing on the exterior walls and pavement.


  1. Very nice - you've had a productive day.

  2. Those look good. I always have a hard time figuring out how to paint buildings. You've chosen a great scheme there.

  3. Looking really good Tamsin! I may have to track these down myself for some Pulp gaming goodness.

  4. Thats looking good Tamsin and I swear there is a Gumshoe looking out of one of the top windows checking the street out

  5. Looks good Tamsin. I've had success doing mdf with a light spray undercoat then multiple thin washes. It may work less well on your darker undercoat but you never know.

  6. I think you have the colours spot on. A very industrial/ Deco feel to the buildings. If they all come out this well you should be chuffed.

  7. You've been a busy bee - looking wonderful Tamsin.

  8. Thx for the tips on not use priming to paint the houses.... great work.

  9. Thanks for the mention Tamsin, I prime my MDF with a weak mix of paint and a touch of PVA to seal

  10. Buildings are looking really good.