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Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Tale of Two Parcels

What the Dickens is she on about?

OK - I'll get my coat!

I picked up the two parcels this morning

The boxy one was indeed the Sarissa Precision order

But what was in the other one?

Yay - my order from Old Glory UK

Well, part of it. The "Named Gangsters" pack and the vehicles were out of stock, so I've got to wait for them to come in from the USA.

I decided to unpack the buildings and popped out the little bits from positioning slots, window frames etc.

I'll use some of these to reinforce internal joins and the larger bits (along with the sprues) could get used for things like signs.

I did a dry-fit of the two commercial buildings (the residential building is a bit more fiddly so I'll leave the dry-fit until I get round to putting it together). They go together quite nicely and should be pretty quick to assemble.

Here's Francis "The Lurker" Lee standing outside the larger commercial building:

I'm definitely pleased with these buildings and will at some point order a bunch more, along with some extra levels.

I might get one assembled today, ready to prime and paint tomorrow. I just need to decide on a suitable colour scheme.


  1. This chap here did a very nice job with his Sarissa buildings:


    That thread inspired me to get some Sarissa buildings in the first place!

  2. MDF buildings tend to soak up paint like there's no tomorrow so be prepared for them needing a few coats of paint. Some people have suggested priming with a dilute coat of PVA glue first to combat this but not tried it myself.

  3. The buildings look just the job. They should give you a good start to any Gangster games.

  4. I really like the Sarissa buildings and will probably be getting a few for my Batman project, whenever I get round to it. Loving the start on this Gangster project Tamsin :-)

  5. They look great, but they do need some vehicles - did they say how long to reorder?

  6. And Sarrissa are now taking pre-orders for Vice Alley (with a 10 or 15% discount).

    1. Of course I meant 'Statuesque Miniatures"...

  7. Look forward to seeing your progress on these buildings

  8. nice buildings and figures !
    a lot of work to do ....

  9. Nice blooming haul but that Lurker fella is still the pick of the lot:P

  10. That's a lot of stuff! I have do order in dribs and drabs in order to sneak my purchases by the hubby.

    Nice looking building and you've got loads of figures to paint.

  11. New toys? Who's a lucky lass then? :-)

  12. @ UbranWulf - I've seen Brian's stuff recently. He's done a great job on that set of buildings.

    @ Ferb - I know MDF soaks up paint, that's why I'm going to hit them with spray primer before I paint them.

    @ Clint - they will indeed

    @ Carl - a start is a start :)

    @ Edwin - hopefully not too long. They're blaming Salute on the packing note (huh! all those bleedin' gamers running them out of stock....)
    I've taken a look on Statuesque's site and there's no sign of Vice Alley yet.

    @ Neil - keep watching this blog, there shuld be some progress shots over the next few days.

    @ Samwise - yup, a lot of figures to paint....and the buildings too

    @ Fran - he is a fine figure :)

    @ Anne - these weren't that expensive. Well, not in comparison to one or two I've placed! The great benefit of being single is there's nobody to have to sneak them past :)

    @ Millsy - that would be me :D

    1. Sorry - I was confusing it with 'Pulp Gadgets, Guns and Vehicles'


  13. Excellent haul. If you do want some vehicles try getting some lledo days gone by ones off ebay

    1. that's a good idea ! but I've some to sell (low prices !).... just ask me if you're interested !

  14. Parcels are nice. Your's are very nice


  15. A great Haul this gangster project is going to be excellent

  16. @ Ian - definitely very nice parcels

    @ Loki - it will be good :)