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Friday, 16 May 2014

And The Prize Draw Winners Are....

....to be announced very shortly.

But first some updates:

My Back - is recovering nicely. I've been doing some more figure prep this evening. All of the civilians are done and I've started work on the vehicle passengers.

Ebay Orders - all my orders have been dispatched now so hopefully I'll get my grubby mitts on them in the next few days. I did order a couple of Yesteryears Ford A vans, just in case. I'm sure you understand my reasons. Oh, and I ordered one other vehicle which is essential for any city. I'll wait until it arrives before telling you what it is.

Saga Comp - well, tomorrow is the comp so I'll turn up and find out if I am still needed. If I am needed to make up an even number, I'll be fielding my Normans - Bates, Fletcher, Peterson, Schwarzkopf et al. If I'm not needed, I might stick around for a bit to take some photos and have lunch then nip off to do some shopping.

Anyway, that's enough drivel, you want to know who the prize winners are.

These were the 4 figures that three lucky (Are you sure? Ed.) winners get one figure each from:

There were 21 entrants for this prize draw. I entered their names into the randomiser and this was the result:

In first place was Rodger, so he got his first preference which was figure A, The Green Man:

In second place was Justin. His first preference was also figure A. After that, he had no preference so we need to see what the third winner's choice was.

In third place was Zabadak. Luckily his first choice was figure B, so he gets that one.

That leaves figures C and D for Justin to choose between.

Congratulations to all the winners. Can you please email me your addresses, either via my profile or using the Kontactr link below the Posties Rejects logo at the top left of the page. I will get the figures sent out to you as soon as possible.


  1. Well done to the winners.........

  2. Thanks Tamsin for the chance to enter (a very generous competiition imo) addy on the way.

  3. Thanks Tamsin! I will email you soon! Congrat's to the other winners!

  4. Here is to getting all healed up.

  5. I am glad you Back is making a recovery. Congrats to the winners ansd to Wargames Girl for running the comp.

  6. Congrats on the winners. Can sympathize with your back probs Tamsin. Hope you don't suffer too much.

  7. Congratulations to the winners!

  8. Congrats to the winners.

  9. Definitely a big congrats to the winners.

    @ Zabadak and Rodger - thanks for emailing your addys. I'm just waiting to hear from Justin and will post them out as soon as I have his addy and know which figure he wants.

  10. Thanks, Tamsin! Figure C is my choice, please.

    Glad your back is better,

  11. Congrats everyone! And that's my name just missing out! Nurts!

    Glad to read the back's better, even if you missed they tourney.