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Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday Update

Well, the sun is shining, the air is warm and there's a gentle breeze. Lovely.

I made the trip to B&Q this morning to buy a paste table. I also had the presence of mind to buy a plastic dust sheet to spread over it.

Carrying it up the stairs to my flat led me to conclude that my original plan of taking it out to the garden to do the spraying was perhaps not the most sensible idea I've ever had, so I got it set up in my bathroom. Rather than spraying everything on top of the past table, I used it to store them before and after spraying, which was done in my usual spraying box.

I ended up wishing I'd bought two cans of grey primer yesterday. My old can ran out about 3/4 of the way through doing the bases. The new can ran out just before the last two interiors were done. I'd also spotted one roof which didn't seem to have got a good coat. Just as well I had a fresh can of red primer, as you will see from some of the pics below.

You remember I told you yesterday about my boo-boo with the windows panel for the front of the upper floor of the residence? Well, I discovered that I'd made exactly the same boo-boo with the rear window panel. Blast! I guess it doesn't really matter, but it is a nuisance.

I'll make a start by painting the small commercial building today I think.

I've also made a good start this afternoon on a long overdue project - clearing all the crap out of my spare room. This is going to have to be done gradually over a number of weeks as there is only so much rubbish I can ditch into out wheelie bins each week. I'll also need to collar someone with a car to help me take a load of old printers, computers and other electronic crap to the local recycling centre.

Still, once it's done I'll have somewhere to store all my stuff and who knows, maybe even have space for a small skirmish gaming table.


  1. Great start there Tamsin and a small skirmish table in the spare room, go for it.

  2. The buildings look good and they should paint up easily now they are undercoated. Good luck with the clear out.

  3. Not sure if sci-fi is your thing - but if you take some of the printers and computers apart you can find "Bits" in them that would for terrain building. And you'd probably want to remove the hard drives any way for security.

  4. They are certainly taking shape Tamsin and I love the idea of a skirmish table in the spare room. I'm thinking of something similar here at Awdry Towers, but like you the room is full of junk!

  5. Very productive work Tamsin!