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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shiny Shiny, Shiny Shiny Shiny

More goodies arrived today. A couple of days ago I'd been left a card saying that a large parcel had been left for me at the sub Post Office up the road. I knew what it was - my order of matt spray varnish. I collected it this morning, but no pics of that.

When I got home there was another small package waiting for me. I'd removed the outer wrapping before remembering to grab my camera.

It was the figures I'd ordered from Dixon.

Nice packing.

And the figures:

A bit of a mixed bag here. Some more "molls", some cops, some casualties, some vehicle passengers, a bunch of down and outs, bootleggers and some gangsters.

I like shinies!


  1. I have been thinking of ordering some oriental goblins from Dixons. I do so miss getting shinnies through the post. Not a feeling you are experiencing at the moment I think. This Gangster Project is going from strength to strength.

  2. More gangster goodness Tamsin, you certainly have the bug on this project

  3. Nice box of shinies Tamsin! Looking forward to seeing these painted up!

  4. Shinies are always good


  5. There's no stopping you!!!

  6. My God, it's like Christmas at your place!

  7. Excellent haul. Have fun with them.


  8. Very nice! Looks like a lot of fun painting coming up!

  9. God girl, you've got the breaking strain of a Cadbury's Flake!

  10. More new shinies!! Have you won the lottery!!!

  11. I like shines too! I love that you are singlehandedly keeping Royal Mail in business!

  12. Very nice! Great miniatures! ciao Ale

  13. @ Clint - getting shinies in the post is always nice, so do treat yourself.

    @ Loki - I do indeed :)

    @ Simon - from this batch, it will probably be the cops first. I do need to add belts etc though, to match with the Blue Moon figures.

    @ Ian - that they are

    @ MarkG - well, if I run out of money....

    @ Anne - I think it should be Christmas every week :)

    @ Rodger - and hopefully some fun gaming as well

    @ Gary - whatever do you mean?

    @ Ray - just checked. I haven't :(

    @ Michael - I think it will take more than my efforts

    @ Alessandro - thanks!

    1. @ Stefan - a small, but very nice haul.

  14. The dixon figures, don't "do it" for me bu they're all good additions nonetheless, for variety alone.