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Friday, 30 May 2014

The Roaring Twenties And All That Jazz

I found another parcel when I got home today

I thought I'd better open it

Eureka! My order for some of their figures from Fighting 15s had arrived. I'm very impressed with the delivery speed.

Victorian criminals - they might be a few decades out of date, but will still work for punks from the slums

1920s Ladies - Molls for the wise guys?

Golden Age Movie Crew 

Jazz Dancers - these might look a touch odd on the street, but just right for in a nightclub

Speaking of nightclubs....

No 1920s nightclub would be complete without a jazz band
I really want to make a start on these, but I'll wait until all the Blue Moon figures are done. There's another good reason to hold off on these - I'm out of black primer!


  1. There's nothing like a package to bring a smile. :-)

  2. That jazz band looks really cool! Lots of lovely looking stuff there Tamsin!

  3. Is stuff like primer, ever sold with coupons and/or sales?

    1. No coupons for anything in this hobby Whisk. They rob us blind.

    2. Oh no, that stinks. Are you able to get any good supplies at stores like Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, JoAnns or Micheal's?

    3. Whisk - apart from the occasional sale, there are no savings for us. Anne might be able to tell you what is available in US chain stores, but i the UK they don't carry much (if anything) of use to us.

  4. I cant wait to see these painted and a Movie Crew now I have to see them and have them too

  5. Sweet stuff. You've gotta have gun Molls to go with your Gangsters. Tough gals smoking fags and drinking whiskey. Love the Jazz band as well.

  6. This project is getting more fun by the minute!

  7. I really like the band- don't forget a suitable CD as background music for the game.



  8. I feel that one of your buildings must be a "speak easy" more like "Slim Tam's" than "Fat Sam's"! A very nice selection you are drawing me towards this as a wargames period. And who does not like parcels in the post? I know I do!

  9. Replies
    1. You said last Sunday she had lost it!

    2. I don't think I ever had it, truth be told :)

  10. Oh my, you really have fallen for this project and why the devil not! Looking forward to some updates.

  11. Nice haul - I'll be interested in seeing the jazz band painted up.

  12. Looking forward to you bringing these to life

  13. @ Millsy - yup, nothing like it. Except maybe actually winning a game :)

    @ Rodger - they definitely do look cool. I just hope my painting does them justice.

    @ PK - if you take a look on the Fighting 15s website they have pics. Bob Murch's "Pulp Figures" also does a film crew

    @ Anne - the gun molls will be coming from Brigade. These good time gals are all unarmed (or are their guns concealed?). What's not to love about a jazz band?

    @ Gary - it might be fun for you onlookers, but I've got to paint all of these figures....eventually!

    @ Pete - I'll definitely try to find some 20s/early 30s jazz to play in the background

    @ Clint - I'll be doing up some signs for the various buildings and have a number of ideas for names.

    @ Ray - they are rather nice.

    @ Michael - this is definitely my diversion project from more serious gaming. And probably to be my most expensive project as well with all the buildings, figures, cars, scatter terrain :)

    @ Dannoc - give me a few weeks. They'll definitely be the first of this batch to be painted.

    @ Andrew - so am I, particularly the band and the movie crew.

  14. I feel like tail end Charlie! It's the odds and ends and little character details which make a project interesting and give it that extra depth. The Eureka jazz band is sweet! Gun battle in a Speakeasy, band, dancers and the roar of a Tommy gun. I think I'm more excited by this project than you!!!:-)

  15. That movie crew looks like it would be fun, good for anything from the Paramount Studios on Long Island to the primitive fortress of dinosaur-infested Skull Island!

    Is Herr Direktor wearing a beret and jodhpurs? That's more or less compulsory!

  16. This is getting to be one heck of a collection, shootouts in the illicit jazz club/speakeasy here we come.