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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday #29

I skipped doing this last Saturday, so it's time to do the deed again. It's

Here are the bits and bobs currently on my paint table:

There's not a lot left to do to this building. Just some tidying up of the internal walls and painting the window frames, doors and the stone courses between floors (and on the roof parapet). As Monday is a public holiday (no work! Yippee!) I hope to get this finished over the next couple of days.

These are the G-men I began painting last weekend. I haven't made any progress since then, so my plan is to get them as near as possible to finished today.

Last but not least are these figures primed this morning and my "Sergeant Steiner" figure. The just-primed figures are the new pack of "Named Gangsters" for my own gaming stock. Steiner just needs a little bit of touching up and a going over with some brush-on varnish.

Tomorrow I have another multi-player game of FoG, this time a 25mm refight of Plataea.


  1. I did a shot of my bench this morning as well as the view I see when I knead dough. Very pretty day here today. But yesterday, holy cow, it was so cold we had the heat running.

  2. I shall enjoy seeing all your progress on Monday night then. (as no work for you)/

  3. look forward to seeing the finished paint job

  4. Yeah, Cool!

    I am eager to see them finished^^

  5. More gansgters. Excited now to seem these finished and in action.

  6. Enjoy the day off and good luck for the game!

  7. The G-men are looking great. I really like Sgt. Steiner. Good luck with the game.

  8. Enjoying following your 'Gangsta; project. Its one of those periods which I've been tempted with myself but stayed away from. With your posts and the recent articles in WI, I may be tempted by yet another new venture!!!

  9. @ Whisk - and a very pleasant view it is from your bench, having seen the pics

    @ everyone - well, at least the G-Men are finished - just need to be sprayed with matt varnish then touched up with satin and gloss

    @ MarkG - I think the WI article must have been in the back of my mind when I bought the original pack of Named Gangsters and the bud grew into a full project