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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday #27

Another week, another Paint Table Saturday.

Since last week's post I have assembled the residential building for my gangster gaming. I've also managed to complete the painting of the two commercial buildings - I'll post pics of them tomorrow. I haven't made any progress on the civilian spaceships though, nor have I restarted painting the buccaneers.

On my paint table today are some 28mm cops and the residential building.

I've made a start on the interiors of the building. This evening I might make a start on the exterior. I'll be going for a red-brick effect like the top floor of the small commercial building I posted WIP pics of on Monday.

I decided to paint up the cops as I thought they'd be quite a quick job and they give me something to do in between stages of painting the building. As they are for gaming, I won't be going to the same level of highlighting as I did for the "Named Gangsters" I painted a few weeks ago (Yay! No eyes to paint! Yippeee!).

For the uniform I started with a base coat of Intence Blue, but felt it was too bright, so gave them a wash of Dark Prussian Blue mixed with black, then a re-coat with Intense Blue. Note to myself for the future - use Dark Prussian Blue for the basecoat. The night-sticks have had a basecoat of German Camo Medium Brown topped with Woodgrain effect. This has come out much better than on my first attempt, possibly because I used it neat. For the flesh I'm trying a Cavalry Brown basecoat as I'm less than keen on the Panzer Aces "Shadows Flesh" I've used before.

There isn't much left to do on these, just the hair, flesh, highlights and metals. I should finish them tomorrow. After these I'll paint up the G-Men from the same pack, 5 of which could just as easily be used as gangsters (the 6th is clearly flashing his badge). I might buy another pack at some point and also some uniformed cops from a couple of other companies - after all, the mobsters will need someone to try to arrest them.


  1. I like the idea of doing a lift-out interior, very clever indeed. Why the double hallway? Is one half the stairs?

  2. Great looking buildings there Tamsin and I am liking the cops too.

  3. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie

  4. Very nice so far Tamsin, I have a bunch of these types about to hit my workbench

  5. Looking good. Do the cops come with the street effect bases or is that your work?

  6. You've certainly been busy Tamsin.

  7. @ Millsy - if you look at the ground floor, the building is split into two houses so the divider is the wall between the two. I'm not overly keen on the layout of it though.

    @ PK - they look even better now I've finished painting them. I just need to varnish them before doing finished pics so I'm hoping the weather improves soon.

    @ Sofie - always a pleasure to participate

    @ Andrew - so I gather

    @ Mark - the bases come like that.

    @ Michael - when am I not busy?