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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Paint Table Saturday #30 (Late); Finished Residence

Before cracking on with this post, just a quick plug for something rather important - the Bloggers For Charity auction is open. This is your opportunity to acquire some beautifully painted figures for French Indian War games whilst helping to raise money for some very good causes.

OK, Paint Table Sunday. I'd already done the shinies post yesterday and didn't want to do a second post so put it off until today. It also gave me the chance to get a bit of work done to show you.

Well, the gangsters are coming along nicely. I should only need a couple of evenings to finish them. Then the second (for gaming) batch of "Named Gangsters" will hit the paint table.

I'm trying to decide what colour to paint the violin case

Sarissa City Block Residence - Finished

It's taken a lot longer to finish this one than I'd have liked, partly because I kept dipping in and out of doing bits, but mainly due to the fiddliness.

I've definitely learnt a few lessons painting these first three Sarissa buildings. The most important lesson is to get the pieces painted (mostly with spray paints) before assembly.


  1. The building does look extremely good and the gangsters are coming on well.

  2. That building looks amazing. Great work!

  3. Those buildings look very good. I'm looking forwsrd to seeing them arranged on the board.


  4. Looking good Tamsin. You've made a cracking job of that building!

  5. Fantastic work on the building and the gangsters Tamsin!

  6. Those are some groovy gangsters and a very nice looking building.

  7. Great looking buildings there Tamsin and I do like the different coloured interiors. Yes I know what you mean about painting the parts first, especially for the interiors but I still have the habit of building and then panting. Lovely work on the Gangsters too

  8. Superb finished building and I wish I too had painted mine before assembly.

  9. Dear Tamsin,
    Violin cases were usually black or dark brown. Your work is superior - love the city elements you've put together.
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon
    "Grumpy is good."

  10. Excellent progress on both terrain and miniature front!

  11. @ Clint - thanks!

    @ Aaron - cheers!

    @ Stefan - I might need a couple more before setting up a table for gaming.

    @ Millsy - thanks :)

    @ Neil - cheers!

    @ Dannoc - it is rather nice

    @ Rodger - thanks!

    @ Brendon - they certainly will be when they're finished

    @ Michael - Still a way to go on them

    @ Joe - we all learn our lessons. We just have to hope we remember them the next time ;)

    @ Jerry - thanks for the tip about the case colours.

    @ Simon - I just with I didn't have so many distractions or more progress would be made


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