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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Shinies in the post!

It seems that my decision on Friday night to sleep in bed rather than on the (suitably padded) floor was not a good one for my back. As a result, I decided (this time sensibly) that it wasn't perhaps a good idea to spend most of my day leaning over a gaming table to move troops, so I gave the Saga tournament a miss.

There was an upside to this. It meant that I was at home when two different postmen delivered parcels for me.

The first delivery was two of my ebay orders. One order was for two Ford A vans and a Crossley truck:

"Honestly officer, the barrels might say "sherry" but they just contain unfermented grape juice"

As you can see, these are much bigger than the Ford A vans which came in on Tuesday. They do look better with the 28mm figures though, but I might want to mount the figures on some lipped bases (especially as the civvies' bases are thinner and don't have the same rim as all the others) so that they don't look quite so short next to them.

The other was for a Lledo "Days Gone By" Ford A taxi.

Drat! Same size as the small Model A vans. My plans are foiled yet again. I'm sure the Lledo description said it was 1:43 rather than "fit the box". It's a very nice model though to join my collection of non-gaming vehicles..

The second delivery was the remainder of my Blue Moon order from Old Glory UK.

The two cars are a 4-door sedan and Victoria roadster, along with a panel van (which will probably be painted up for the Police). At the back is another pack of "Named Gangsters" to replace the ones which I've already painted up as gifts.

The Blue Moon vehicles look to be of a size with the Yesteryears die-casts, so there won't be a problem mixing them up for gaming.

I also did a little bit of painting yesterday. I made a start on the G-Men, laying down some of the base colours. I also primed all 20 figures from the civilians pack. I'll do a bit more work this evening.

Tomorrow night I'll be playing Full Thrust again. This time it is a 2500 point (un)civil war as Simon and I are both flying NSL fleets. This should be interesting.

Looking ahead, it's only a few weeks until Broadside. I'll be popping down there again and hope to pick up a few useful bits for the gangster project from Fenris and Ainsty. I also hope to find someone there who has Vallejo black surface primer as my 60 ml bottle is nearly out. I may also pick up some 17 ml bottles of other primer colours to try out.


  1. It will be good to see you at Broadside. Let's hope you can pick up what you want there. As for the vehicles, I think they all look good and if you had not gone for different manufactures I think it would have been easier. What ever you decide I am sure it will look good. All the best Clint.

  2. I'm not surprised by the size of the Lledo my horse drawn omnibus was perfect scale for 20mm sigh. The new Ford A vans and the Crossby look like they'll be perfect with the Blue Moon roadsters.

  3. The vehicles all look good for different reasons, but the obvious disparity in scales must have been a tad annoying. I've got a similar problem but ultimately I settled for the Lledo range due to their availability and price. (very jealous of the cab)

  4. Nevermind abot the cars and vans they can be such hit and miss with the sizes but at least you got some that will come in useful. Hope your back feels better soon!

  5. I think the cars and vans/trucks look great!

  6. The vehicles all look pretty cool, especially the taxi! Are you leaving them as is, or do you plan to re-paint them??

  7. The vics look very nice! I am looking forward to seeing your police motorpool, most specialy the Paddywagon!

  8. "Unfermented grape juice"? Love it, someone's been doing their research!

    Of course, you mustn't forget the advisory warning; "If left, will ferment and become wine..."

  9. You have thrown yourself into this genre in a big way and I'm loving it!

    Those vehicles are sweet. Ya, I'm jealous :)

  10. @ Clint - well, this will be my 3rd Broadside. I'm pretty sure that someone will have the Vallejo stuff I'm after, otherwise I'll just have to order from someone online.
    As for the vehicles, it can be hit and miss as I've discovered.

    @ Robert Audin - it's disappointing, but without trying there's no way to find out if they'll work. It's just a shame that the taxi is smaller scale.

    @ Zabadak - I'm going to stick with the Yesteryears now that I know how they look sizewise. That cab is rather nice, isn't it?

    @ Simon - my back is doing much better today. It might have just been the change in sleeping arrangement that did it.

    @ Styx - they most certainly are good looking.

    @ Ray - at the moment I don't have plans to repaint any of them. It seems a shame to do that and would also make it impossible to sell them on later if I ever get shot (*smacks self for such a heretical thought*) of the gangster bits.

    @ David - I think the 4-door sedan may also be joining the paddywagon in the Police car pool. I need to source some suitable decals as I don't fancy trying to freehand the signage.

    @ Evan - I certainly have been reading around the period. I was quite amused to find out that some of those bricks carried "warnings" to help people avoid accidentally making wine ;)

    @ Anne - you bet I have! It's a colourful era which does lend itself to some great shoot 'em up gaming with potential to run as a participation game at shows.
    As for the vehicles, they are rather lovely :)

  11. Great haul of nice cars... i got trubble to,to get the right car scale for my zombie games.

  12. Poop! Poop! Brrrrrrm! Brrrrrm! Hope the back is feeling better soon and glad to see that all semblance of restraint has evaporated this year! ;)

  13. The vehicles do look nice Tamsin. I hope your back is well on the mend!

  14. Wonderful stuff there Tamsin and I never realised that blue moon did vehicles, thanks for pointing me in there direction.

  15. Great collection of vehicles, look forward to seeing those figures painted.

  16. @ Hobbyworker - it's very difficult to tell until they are in your grubby mitts.

    @ Michael - has Awdry Towers been subject to a hostile takeover by Toad Hall plc?
    As for evaporated restraint, I don't think there was very much to evaporate in the first place
    @ Rodger - agreed and thanks

    @ PK - look in "Slice of Americana" "Highways and Byways". they've got a reasonable range of vehicles, but a bit more expensive than Yesteryears models

    @ Smillie - the gangster stuff will roll off the table over the next few weeks, but I really must fit in finishing off the pirates while I'm doing these.

  17. Some really nice cars, Tamsin.
    I'm following your gangster project very interestedly.