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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Wednesday Workbench and News 03 October

Sorry for leaving it so long since my last post. Things have been a little bit hectic for me over the past couple of weeks, but more on that later.

I actually have something finished to show you. I started these a couple of months back, but kept faffing around and only finished them yesterday.

Not much, but these BBQs will be jump off point markers for my Aussies. I'm still debating whether to paint up some wire mesh to put on top (maybe with a couple of "shrimps").

I also got some priming done the other day:

Warlord Games Papuan section

Warlord Games M3 Stuart

Warlord Games Aussie Matilda II

The Matilda was a bit of a pig to assemble and needed a fair amount of gap filling with green stuff. I think the plan will be to get the hulls done this weekend with the airbrush and then do the detailing next week.

OK, so now the news (which explains why things were rather hectic for the last 2-3 weeks). I am no longer a wage slave! You may recall that my father died last year. A few months ago, his estate paid out and my share looks to be enough for me to take at least a few years away from the daily grind of employment, particularly if I move away from London to somewhere that housing is cheaper. In a few years time I will reassess and decide if I need to go back to work again.

My leaving do was actually before Colours, a couple of weeks before I finished work. I got some very nice gifts:

There were also some chocolates (consumed by my team within a week!) and £50 of gift vouchers for Dark Sphere (a FLGS in London). I was pleasantly surprised by the Zhukov memoirs. I wasn't surprised about the Strontium Dog starter set - they had asked if there was anything for gaming that they should look into buying and I suggested that.

In the meantime, I'll be resting up and enjoying myself for a while. Of course, it does mean that I should be able to churn out a huge amount of painted figures during AHPC9 this winter!


  1. Good luck for the future. I took voluntary redundancy in 2014, followed by my personal pension as soon as I could at the end of 2015. My life is now free from the horrible stress my job caused me. The last four years have been a massive improvement in my quality of life.

  2. I did the same a few years back Tamsin. I take the occasional short term work contract. No longer the stress and long hours of 30 years in the Freight Forwarding industry. I do not miss it at all. You have made the correct decision. We moved from south of Heathrow to Newbury just over four years ago and have not looked back. Life seems better away from London.

  3. Good for you, a quality of life decision. That Zhukov book looks interesting.

  4. On to the next adventure Tamsin!

  5. Cracking news Tamsin, good for you....onwards and upwards!

  6. Sarah and I send our very best wishes in this new, exciting chapter in your life, Tamsin. We look forward to hearing how things unfold for you.

  7. Best of luck for your planned life of leisure. Getting away from the big city for something a bit more bucolic, perhaps down the road from a reputable pub, might be just the thing to recharge your batteries! Enjoy painting your figures.

  8. I envy you! I hope you find you can give up work permanently, I am only sad your break will be funded due to your father's death.
    I always like seeing your lovely figures, I hope this major life change will enable you to do more!

  9. Great to hear that you are able to give up the humdrum of working life for a while initially if not permanently.

    Look forwards and your road will go ever on.

    Cbeers, Ross

    Ps love the bbqs

  10. Splendid news Tamsin, I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I am; albeit I seem to be busier than ever. Lovely gifts and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Stronty Dog set.

  11. Oh wow, that's great news Tamsin. Happy retirement!

  12. Great to have you back and good luck with the lifestyle change!
    I'm sure that will enable you to set a very large target in the upcoming AHPC :-)

  13. Good luck on your new adventures Tamsin!

  14. Those BBQs are fun little models. Whimsical. 😀
    Enjoy not working and new phase: make it last.

  15. @ Carole - in my case, no redundancy payment and it will be a good few years before I can take my pension. The plus side is that I don't have to work (for a good while at least) and no commuting during rush hour :)
    I'm happy to hear that it's worked out well for you :)

    @ Simon J - I'm not absolutely sure what I'll do if I do go back to work. Maybe some H&S consultancy, although I'd probably need to obtain some more qualifications for that. Getting out of London will probably be the best move for me :)

    @ Norm - I've started reading it and the bits which aren't additions/amendments by the Party censors are quite interesting so far. The Party bits are - unintentionally, I'm sure - quite funny :)

    @ Alastair - indeed. To freedom and beyond! :)

    @ Francis - cheers big fella! :)

    @ Curt and Sarah - thank you both! One of the areas I'm thinking of moving to is Newark, so if I do end up there and you are over around the time of one of the shows, you will have a standing offer of accommodation :)

    @ Jerry - sadly, bucolic areas with reputable pubs aren't any cheaper than my part of London so that isn't really on the cards :(
    However, relaxation and painting minis is very much on the cards :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! With all this free time, there should be lots of lovely painted figures for you to enjoy :)

    @ Ross - cheers! And the first person to comment on the BBQs - glad you like them! :)

    @ Blax - thanks Simon! I'm a bit too young to be calling it "retirement" for now; "extended career break" seems better :)
    I'll probably start work on the Stronty stuff in the next few weeks, probably starting with some terrain :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Paul - thanks! I'll certainly be setting myself a stretching target for AHPC9 :)

    @ Peter - cheers! :)

    @ Stew - and the second comment on the BBQs! They are a bit of whimsy, but there's nowt wrong with that :)

  16. While I am of course sorry about your loss, I am happy that at least financially things have gone in your favor. Enjoy your time and if you do move away, please keep in touch. I am hoping to get back to the UK next summer and would love a chance to game with you again.