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Friday, 12 October 2018

Friday Workbench 12 October

I decided to freehand the markings on the tanks. After a bit of research to get them (just about) right, I sat down this afternoon and carefully painted them. Yes, there were some errors which had to be corrected.

Once they were all done, I used the airbrush to give both tanks two thin coats of Klear, then a coat of matt varnish. Here is how they looked at that point:

Matilda II

This one uses the markings of an actual tank - "ASP" from 1 Troop of A Squadron, 1st Australian Tank Regiment (the regiment changed names a few times during WW2).

M3 Stuart

This represents a tank from 7 Troop of B Squadron, 2/6th Armoured Regiment. I couldn't find any information on actual names given to Stuarts, so made one up. I went with B Squadron as they were (with C Squadron) involved in the fighting at Buna and Sanananda.

I decided to take these photos before the tanks got muddied up. I've done that this evening, but the mud effects need to dry overnight before I decided if they need painting or washing.


  1. Good attempt at freehanding the letters and div signs. I have long since given up trying and use waterslide decals!

  2. Very nice indeed Tamsin! The Matilda is my favourite tank of the war and you've done a lovely job with it.

  3. Very good details for this scale !
    Bravo !

  4. Wow, they look great. I'm still agonising over whether to paint or use decals for some 15mm vehicles I have underway (currently chickened out and left them blank).

  5. Love me some tanks. Great work Tam :-)

  6. Excellent work - personally, I always paint rather than use transfers (old fashioned, don't use that American decals word). I just think that, even if looks a bit 'rougher', the finished article is more 'mine'. A worry you don't have!

  7. So glad to see the markings painted. Looks great

  8. That's just a superb job on these Tanks. It looks like the cover of Tamiya Magazine. I have a picture some where of me siting in an Australian Matilda from the 70's.

  9. Very nice work on these two tanks, Tamsin! I'm tempted to get a Matilda - had a Tamiya 1/35th one when I was a wee lad - messed up the painting horribly :)

  10. @ Francis - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! I did look at available decals, but none of them were correct for the units I wanted to represent, so freehand was the only option :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! I do quite like the Matilda II - I might have to get a couple more :)

    @ L'Empereur - cheers! :)

    @ Sun of York - thanks! I can understand not wanting to freehand on 15mm vehicles, but decals shouldn't be too bad to do :)

    @ Carl - cheers! Who doesn't love them some tanks? :)

    @ Rob - thanks! I think painting the markings myself was a good exercise; much more of a personal effort :)

    @ Dai - cheers! :)

    @ David - thanks! :)

    @ Dean - cheers! :)

    @ Scotsgrey - thanks! I've since found a source of names used on Aussie Stuarts, but I thought "Bogbrush" was amusing :)