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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Tuesday Workbench 30 October

As you can see, there's plenty on my workbench at the moment. I finished painting the second batch of commandos yesterday, including the final washes and Klear coat.

As I still had several hours spare, I decided to make a start on the next set of figures, which will be a section of New Guinea Volunteer Rifles. I actually managed to get all the base colours down before going to bed. This morning I did the initial washes, and this afternoon I've been highlighting them. They're not quite finished - I've still got the uniforms and khaki to do, plus the metals. I might be able to get those done later tonight. This is how they look at the moment:

New Guinea Volunteer Rifles

I also spent a while this morning (while the washes on the NGVR were drying) to do the basing gunk on the commandos. And on the seven "senior leaders" which I'd rebased from 30mm to 25mm hexes.


Rebased senior leaders

As the NGVR should be finished and Klear coated by lunchtime tomorrow, I've got two choices:

1. Finish the basing on the commandos and rebased senior leaders

2. Start painting the Papuan section.

Tune in tomorrow to see which option I, errr, opt for.


  1. I always opt for trying to finish one lot before starting the next, but if you did the Papuans, you could do a mass base at the end, which may be more efficient?
    As ever, I admire your diligence and brushwork!

  2. I've been a fan of your blog for years, and it's on my own blog roll. But I have to ask something that's been bothering me for years.

    How the hell do you find the time to do so much painting? I'm lucky if I get a dozen figures done in months. You're a machine!

  3. Lovely work Tamsin. Can you please confirm which line these are from? I know you have been painting Eureka stuff...

  4. @ Herkybird - for the basing, once the gunk has dried it's just three steps - paint, wash, drybrush to finish. Plus airbrushing matte varnish and adding tufts. All those steps are quite quick, but need some time in between which can be used for doing other things. I'll probably do the basing of the NGVR and Papuans at the same time :)

    @ Joseph - thanks! Being single, with no kids and not much of a social life does leave me with plenty of time for painting. Even more time now that I'm "early semi-retired" :)
    I haven't seen any of your posts come up on my blogroll for a while. Have you stopped posting?

    @ Millsy - cheers! The commandos and casualty are Wartime Miniatures; the NGVR are the Militia section from Warlord; The "senior leaders are a mix of Warlord, Eureka and The assault group, with a medic from Wartime :)

    @ Francis - thanks! :)

    1. You probably need to update your feed. I switched from blogspot a while ago to my own domain. Try http://www.greyhawkgrognard.com/feed/