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Sunday, 21 October 2018

SELWG Show 2018 - The Loot Post

I woke up a bit earlier this morning than I'd planned, which meant I had time to make myself a bacon butty before heading out to SELWG. I even left earlier than planned so the bus from Brixton to Crystal Palace was quicker than on previous occasions as there was less traffic. I actually arrived so early that I had time to go in and buy a coffee and still be about 20th in the queue.

Early on it didn't seem as busy as normal, but it picked up later on in the morning. I met various people during the day:

CLWC - Ian G, Jerry J, Andy F, Martin B, John R, Stan S, Clive McC, Mike R, Dave S, Dave F

Bloggers/Social Media - Clint, Ray (and Evil Postie), Mick Sayce, Brad Harmer-Barnes

I started off with a photo-taking circuit of the games before browsing the traders to decide on purchases. I did have a small list of "must buys" and a contingency for buying other stuff. Luckily the contingency was large enough for all my "Oooh, I could do with those" purchases.

Now for the obligatory loot pics:

The Things What I Bought!

Early War Miniatures

Some mud tracks (and a ford section), mainly for New Guinea. I'll have to try to remember how I painted the river sections I bought a couple of years ago.

Blotz and Products For Wargamers

Some MDF buildings. These will be SFed up for Strontium Dog.

Warlord Games

Some bases (I wish they sold single sprues as that was all I needed) and a late war Waffen SS squad (for the "Schicklgruber grab story line in Strontium Dog).

Colonel Bill's, PFW and Magister Militum

25mm hex bases, 50mm round bases (patrol markers for Chain of Command) and a dice bag.

Colonel Bill's, Foundry and Conquest Games

Wolves! A veritable pack of them. And Cerberus!

Plastic Soldier Company and Grubby Tanks

Ruskies! I've decided to do a 15mm Soviet platoon and reinforcements for Chain of Command.

More German tanks! Because why not?

Tomorrow I'll be doing a post with pics from all of the games.


  1. Nice haul cailin, looking forward to the "Schicklgruber" story!

  2. A veritable feast of loot Tamsin!!!

  3. Terrific loot, Tamsin, and a truly inspirtational idea for "Strontium Dog". I'm looking forward to seeing that all painted up in particular :-)

  4. A truly eclectic mix! I salute you!

  5. Looks like you had a very nice time. Good on you! Did you get to lay in any games or see any worth commenting upon? Have a good week!

  6. Interesting variety. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

  7. That's a decent amount of goodies! No SELWG for me this year...

  8. A good collection there. Looks like the traders did well out of you on Sunday.

  9. @ Francis - cheers! :)

    @ Ray - thanks! A good stock up for the Challenge :)

    @ Simon - cheers! I take it you mean the Schicklgruber Grab items? :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! It is a good mix :)

    @ Jerry - cheers! I didn't get to play in any games (my own fault) The two most interesting games were probably the "Biscotti Wars" and the 1860 Hungarian Revolt as they are conflicts you don't see people gaming them very often :)

    @ Martin - indeed it is! :)

    @ David - thanks! Apart from the tanks, it may be a little while before they get painted :)

    @ Alastair - cheers! Shame you couldn't make it this year :)

    @ Lee - thanks! Well, I tried my best to make up for your absence with my purchases ;

    @ Simon Q - cheers! :)

  10. Quite a haul! I hope you brought a shopping cart to carry all that loot. 😀