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Friday, 26 October 2018

Friday Workbench 26 October

I was planning to relax a bit today, but I've been a busy bee instead.

I decided to paint up the latex track sections I'd bought at SELWG. A lot of mess later and they're done:


I might go back and do some more work on the water of the ford section to make it fit with the river sections I painted a couple of years back. Or maybe repaint those sections to match the ford as I think the green-brown looks better than the originals.

This is how the water looks on the original scheme:

I've also started work on the Aussie commandos (and a casualty - who will become a jump-off point marker):

I'm going to do the base colours and initial washes on the whole batch, but will break them down into smaller groups for the highlighting. I should be able to get them mostly finished this weekend.

These will be the last of the "jungle green" troops. I've got ten more Papuans and ten of Warlord's "Militia" to paint. The "Militia" will become New Guinea Volunteer Rifles.


  1. I'd really like some latex roads and river pieces. They look so much better than the pieces of felt I currently use and your painted efforts really look good.

  2. Great effort Tasmin, do you ever rest up?
    Gotta love those Aussies, you've done a brilliant job. I'm still resisting the temptation of making any orders.

  3. The river sections look, to me, like winter streams, with traces of frost and snow on the banks. All the rivers round here look dark earth brown with grass and bushes overlapping the waters edge. Very nice!

  4. The roads and stuff look great. Good stuff! I’m always torn on the color of rivers; brown and greens are more realistic but blue always looks better to me. I think it’s bc I’ve been brainwashed to think blue whenever I think water.