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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

TPDG Ltd Presents: The Smaksov

The Smaksov is a Division 15 ramcar with a handy weapon loadout, capable of leaving a trail of destruction in the arena. A high top speed, high acceleration and good handling are sure to make this a firm favourite of mid-range professional duelists.

The Stats:

Smaksov: Mid-sized; extra-hvy chassis; hvy suspension; super power plant; 4 x PR tires; two linked MGs front; minedropper rear with extra magazine; airdam; ramplate; Plastic armour: F50, R25, L25, B25, T10, U15; Accel 10; top speed 120; HC3 (4 @ 60+ mph); weight 5195 lb; $14550

I decided to skip the blacklining with these - I think they look better this way. Maybe it was the black undercoat that has helped the look.

I've got the pick-up to do next, then I'll take a break from this project to paint some figures - I need to finish off the 6mm ACW (the Union troops anyway - not many left), my Mongol heavy cavalry, not to mention the figure for Dux from our Challenge side-bet...


  1. Ooh, I wish I had one of these for freeway driving! ;-)

    Nice work, Tamsin. I think you made the right choice re. blacklining

  2. Those are some mean machines. Nicely done Tamsin!

  3. Really cool cars ... love the guns on them!

  4. A very nice build. The only things I would change are to swap out the linked MGs for a Vulcan and that should get you a SWC as well. That said your choice entirely and I do get the idea that you are building the models with that you have rather than designing the cars and then building the models. But what ever you are doing, they are looking great.

  5. They look great! They'd make great street cars too.

  6. They look really good Tamsin - well done! Can you tell me what size they are? length by width if poss?

  7. Excellent work, Tamsin. Those cars look really good.

  8. @ Rosbif - indeed, we all could do with one of these ;)
    Glad you like the look of them :)

    @ Anne - they certainly "mean" business :)

    @ Hobbyworker - cheers :)

    @ Clint - It might be a bit cheaper to go with a single VMG, but after a few rams there's more risk of losing it if your front armour has been destroyed than if you can split the damage across 2 MGs. It's a case of weighing up the options. And it was designed around the model, rather than the other way round :)

    @ Robert - thanks! For a street car, I'd probably drop the ramplate and reallocate front armour to the sides and rear, and swap the minedropper for an oiljet and smokescreen or MG.

    @ cmnash - cheers! They're 73mm x 30mm, so a little bigger than 1:60 scale

    @ Stefan - thanks :)

  9. Noice! looking forward to further installments of "Pimp My Deathmobile"!
    ; )

    1. Thanks! Just one more to come for now, then I'll take a break to paint some of my historicals lead pile :)


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